Wintec filemate 48GB Express card

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by chatfan, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Because SSD's are not so cheap and I like the format, I got two winter 48GB Filemate cards to put in my 17" MBP. The purpose is: stream 5 layers of 720P HD video in a video performance. The cards get around 40MBS write and almost 100MBS read speed.

    There are two weird problems: the card sticks inside the slot and at first needs to be pulled out with something sharp (the opposite of the Caldigit card that almost falls out as reviewed in another thread) and the other problem that might be a problem with performing for 5 hours: it get's HOT! I mean HOT HOT!

    Almost as hot as the power supply I dropped on the couch and fell into the pillow and got so hot it started to melt before it turned itself off.

    OBVIOUS TIP: be sure you never cover the power supply :p

    Ok the cool feature: the Express card comes with a mini USB port on one side where you can transfer all the files with, then drop it into your MBP. 48GB is a good size, price: around 120 british pounds, that should be around $150?
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    Jan 21, 2012
    My Wintec Filemate 96GB also has to be pushed in the ExpressCard slot with some force, and it doesn't come out easy. I saw the same problem described in another forum. It gets pretty warm, too, but not too hot.

    I'm pretty sure that 120 british pounds is a bit more than 150 USD though. I got my 96GB card for a little over 230 USD, so even though it's not cheap, it's still a good deal considering its price per GB and fast performance.

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