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Oct 19, 2010
Sydney, Australia
hi ... i am a bit new to all this theming etc but gradually finding my way around thru lots of reading here ...

i have a quick question that i couldnt answer with a search ....

i know from looking thru the "post your homepage / theme" thread on this forum that a lot of folk here dont seem to like to use winterboard too much ...

with lots of themes on my ip4 (4.2.1) i have noticed that it is starting to take a long time between reboots/respringing" (not sure of the diff btwn these two?) ... i mean much longer ...

i have recently been using winSCP to put the necessary files into and out of my iphone ...

is it better to "minimize" the number of themes held on the iphone .... and can i remove all the themes that "winterboard" originally came with as i dont ever use any of them ... or do those themes have to be left on there for winterboard to work correctly?



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Jul 5, 2010
The only time I ever notice my iPhone lag with Winterboard is when it's rebooting or respringing and it's loading all the themes that I have activated. It only takes maybe 5 seconds or so and after that it runs smoothly like always.


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Mar 4, 2011

to go to your winterboard themes in ssh or iFile go to var/stash/themes once your there you will see everything that's in winterboard