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    ** All Inclusive Trip To Prague ! ***

    Visit Prague as never before.
    Visit Prague as a celebrity.

    Discover a European luxury in the heart of Europe.
    Experience the charm of the Old Continent.

    In this application you will learn some interesting facts about Prague.

    *** 3 pairs Win Trip To Prague with all inclusive ***.

    Take your favorite person ( wife, friend, girlfriend ... ), take your Apple iPhone and go to Europe.

    Its really easy !

    Pay only 0.99$ (0.79 EUR), download app, fill answers and Win. Unique Trip To Prague with all benefits.
    Tombola will be held under the supervision of a notary.

    We will show you all interesting in Prague ( Culture, Life, NightLife and others ).
    Winners will receive: fly tickets, accommodation, meals, pocket money, entertainment, trip on the Vltava river ... luxury bars and clubs visit and much more.


    All of the competition, download numbers of app, winners trip in Prague
    You will can watch via FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube channel.*

    You have to experience it !
    Everyone wants to visit the Prague.

    Be a part of Prague in few days !


    We will meet in Prague soon.

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