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    Mar 31, 2013
    I set up an apple ID many years ago back when I got an iPod. Since then I have used it for other people's devices (mainly so they can get free apps and other things but at least one person has used it for iCloud) and I don't really know who still has access or what devices are using it.
    I would like to take the account back as my personal account and delete everything connected to that account so that I can start fresh and keep it for private use.
    I know you can't delete account so how can I wipe it clean/remove all associations to it?

    I plan to set up private account for the others to use themselves but I would like to keep this one for myself as the ID is my personal email address.

    I don't really know what info is connected to the account, for eg. if I were to sign in with it on a new iPhone would someone else's iMessages come through to me or something like that? Personal Preferences/Settings... (I'm looking at this from an android point of view where your account has all your personal info, contacts, settings, browser history, etc. attached to it)

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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