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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by coachingguy, Sep 17, 2010.

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    First, I did a search for this and didn't find anything, so please work with me.

    So, I've got my iPhone 4 and I like it... love it. But, I'm guessing like most of you, I haven't found a BT headset I like. When I'm in the car, or walking around, I prefer a wired headset. I've got 3 pairs of the the standard iPhone wired headsets, but they don't stay in my ears very well - I'm constantly fiddling with them to keep them in. I bought a pair of the $79 ones, which worked great until I started losing the buds... And now, don't sound as good.

    So, who has a wired headset they really like and why do you like it? I find myself using a pair of closed ear Sony's that sound good but look a little odd walking through Target, I'm 43 after all and really can't swing the HipHop look...anymore... :D

    Thanks for helping!

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    There is an unbelievable deal on the ultimate ears super fi 5vi right now on Amazon.com. These normally retail for like 170$, and you can get them for 61$ right now. I just picked up a set. These have the control button and mic. The only thing you cant do is adjust the volume on the cord, but to me that is no big deal. They come with a ton of different sized ear tips as well as two sets of the comply ear foam tips, which are the most comfortable. They will stay in the ears very well even with exercise. Sound is great on them as well. I would highly recommend checking them out.

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