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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by atavision, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. atavision macrumors member

    Jul 24, 2007
    I've been looking for a wired headset for my iPhone as I'm not a big fan of all the bluetooth wireless devices. Does anybody know of a wired head set that works with the iPhone and they would recommend?
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    Sorry, but... seriously, why? Pacemaker? Allergy to the color blue?* What do you have against Bluetooth headsets? I tried a wired one for my old phone once. Yeah, no. Not... good. And minimal to no hands-free controls (at least on my model). Bluetooth is the way to go. Look at the bright side of that: You can sync it to your Mac and listen to iTunes songs throughout your house!

    *I am. As in, the artificial dyes "Blue Lake 1" and "2". Like, say, in blue M&Ms. When those came out it was NOT pretty. This dye is to me what peanuts are to some people: hives ALL over my body and my throat closes off. Yawp. :(
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    What's wrong with the included iPod headphones headset? If you prefer better headphones try ultimatebuds.com
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    Aug 21, 2007
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    Possibly the Best iPhone Headset available

    Like many iPhone owners, I have been searching for the best headset to replace the stock earbuds. Personally, I'm not a fan of earbuds, and thanks to some poor design decisions by Apple (shocking!), iPhone owners are at a disadvantage.

    First, the headphone jack is NOT standard, despite Apple's claims on their web site. On the iPhone Q&A page
    (http://www.apple.com/iphone/questionsandanswers.html), Apple actually claims "iPhone has a standard 3.5-mm headphone jack, so it is compatible with most portable stereo headphones." The headset is recessed and the fact is that MOST headphones CANNOT work without a $10 klunky adapter. And from the looks of it, Apple could have hollowed out more of the casing to make room. So, any wired headsets have to use an adapter, or be trimmed with an exacto knife (which I've done), if they don't have a rare, micro-sized connector. And if you do manage to get a standard headset connected, it works for listening only, with no microphone for phone calls.

    Next, Apple chose to limit the Bluetooth support. By not offering A2DP Stereo Bluetooth, only mono audio can be sent to the headphones. The hope is that a software update could address this, but it's a surprising ommission since many cheaper phones offer this today, and it's a popular iPod add-on. I've always been puzzled by those Apple
    ads showing dancers shaking their booty, with that darn white headset cable prominently featured. By now you think they would have gone wireless.

    So, there is no easy way to have quality headphones with either wired stereo WITH a microphone, or to have wireless stereo. But this is not meant to be a gripe session... I actually found a solution!

    My research began even before I bought my iPhone. First, I searched my inventory of headsets to see which would fit. I found a Nike headset that had an adapter cable, plus a headset with a shorter wire (so you could plug it into an arm-mounted MP3 player), and trimmed the adapter cable, knowing that if I made a cutting error, it was only to the cable and not the headset. But that worked, for listening. I still wanted one solution for phone and music.

    I happened to see a Bluetooth headset at Staples for $90. It was a hybrid model. The unit plugs into a 3.5mm headset jack but for phone calls, Bluetooth kicks in and mutes the wired music port. This is meant for people carrying BOTH an MP3 player and a Bluetooth phone, but it works great for the iPhone! Even better, because the iPhone knows to pause music when a call comes in. The connector, while small, isn't quite small enough to fit in the recessed jack, but as I was about to trim it, I noticed that the connector "shield" actually slides up so no cutting was necessary! (not sure if it was designed that way or I got lucky). The unit can clip to your shirt and has nice large buttons for volume and answering calls.

    Most importantly, while the device ships with earbuds, they are swappable because the unit has its own 3.5mm jack (standard!) so you can plug ANY stereo headset in. Bose, Bang Olufsen, Sony... you name it!

    The best news is I found many of them on eBay for about $25. The model is "JABRA BT325 STEREO BLUETOOTH HEADSET" and as long as you don't mind a wired headset that still needs to be charged (USB mini-B style, AC charger included), this is a great solution!

    I hope this is useful to some of you! Take care and rock on!
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    Apr 13, 2009
    Yes wired

    I know this is an old post - but with iPhone 4 and considering unlimited minutes plan and use of the iPhone 4 as my full time business line - I need a high quality solution that is not subject to batteries wearing out etc - so while I have a Bluetooth headset and I do sometimes use it when travelling or driving my car without built in bluetooth - I would like a wired solution - something that coudl be slipped on and off easily - provide high quality audio fo both headphone as well as microphone - perhaps with noise cancelling such as theBoom v4 as amn example.

    Addiitonally - Apple's earbuds DO NOT work for me - they DO NOT stay in my ears - many other bud style headphones do not work very well for me either. Even when sitting still the earbuds will simply fall out of my ears.

    Many of the 3.5mm jack adapters etc are for audio only - they do not include the additional connections for mic input and I am not seeing too many native 3.5mm headsets that are not ear bud style.

    a product like this: http://www.theboom.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=240&Redirected=Y works with theBoom product but is not a generic solution to use with any headset.
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    Jul 27, 2010
    I just use the headset that came with my iPhone.
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    Jan 22, 2009
    Now I remember why Tallest Skil got banned.

    I believe all iPhones after the 1st generation are able to use any 3.5mm headphones without an adapater.

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