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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by cmaracz88, May 14, 2005.

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    Well because my iBook logic board I'm using a PC right now, but I doubt it would be different for either system.

    I have a two computer home network at home including a wireless router. My iBook was connected with an airport card. The replacement PC however is using a USB adapter that I bought (it's some no name brand too.)

    Looking at the manual, I notice there's a page explaining how this devices causes RF (radio-frequency) radiation. Although it's never been proven to actually cause cancer, in general people are suggested to limit themselves to exposure of RF radiation.

    What I'm wondering is, and hopefully someone could help me out here:
    a) would replacing the USB link with an inside-the-case adapter card hopeflly limit my exposure?
    b) do you think that the cheaper brand would be more likely to have more RF radiation and that companies such as D-Link might make products with better RF management?
    c) to limit my exposure, is the ideal signal (while being only one floor up nearly directly over the ruter) a weak signal or a strong signal?

    Thanks alot.
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    The risk of RF exposure is minimal. There is so much background radiation that any small amount caused by you using a wireless computer is negligable. The company is probably afriad of unsubstantiated lawsuits and but that warning in there to prevent from getting sued. Don't spend any more money trying to reduce your exposure unless you are going to put lead up in your walls to block outside background radiation from getting to you.

    Here is the FCC's FAQ on RF:

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    Well, if it didn't generate RF, there wouldn't be any wireless network. RF Radiation the basis of WiFi, AM Radio, FM Radio, cordless telephones and broadcast television. It is also a byproduct of microwave ovens and any electrical circuit that generates a spark, such as electric motor, as well as electromagnetic radiation (EMR) which is differrent. EMR was the concern with CRT monitors & TV's, which led to standards for emissions of those.

    Any radiation exposure is relative to the power of the source and your distance from it, and to a lesser extent, the directionality of the radiating source. Doesn't matter in the least whether the card is inside the computer or outside, it's the antenna that is radiating the RF.

    Were you to be really concerned about it, you would get directional antennas for your router and your computer, to focus the RF in a narrow pattern instead of radiating 360 degrees. You would get the antennas as close to each other as possible, line them up, and run at the minimum power that would achieve a stable signal (and then don't stand inbetween them). Don't know that you can adjust the power of an Airport or third party WiFi card however. Or you could ignore the whole thing as being below any significant levels to be worried about.

    If someone is obsessively concerned, then wrapping the house in metal mesh to block the TV, radio, cellular, microwave, shortwave and radar transmissions from entering would be on the menu.

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