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    Good morning everyone!

    So here's my situation...I'm interested in setting up a wireless webcam as my baby monitor. I want to be able to access the video feed via iPhone/iPod touch at home as our "baby monitor," as well as be able to access the camera from outside the house if we are away, or to let family/friends see what what's going on (so some kind of password protection would be needed).

    A friend mentioned software called Splashtop as a good way to do this. Apparently it's remote desktop access that can have additional cameras hooked in, in addition to it's other features. This seems like a good starting point for my search, but I was also wondering if there is anything built-in or otherwise accessible in OS X Server (ML) that does similar functionality (maybe through an ftp site??)

    I'm really open to any ideas. Thought the server/networking crowd might have some good ideas. Feel free to point me to another forum if you think that would be better.

    Thanks in advance! :)
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    There are products online in the Apple store. I remember seeing this one, plus a few other ones from different makers. My wife was impressed with it. Seems like what you're after too, and would be better than sticking an ipod touch in the room as a camera, which would be useless in the darkness.

    Could be a way to go. Of course, you don't have to buy through the Apple Store. I'm sure there are cheaper avenues, and it's more expensive than an app. But the hardware features are worth it.

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    I've got one of these, and whilst it's expensive it also fantastic!
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    I can confirm the Foscam might be a great option, never used it for a baby monitor but I'm sure it would be great. It also as the IR emitters which light up a smaller room when viewed on the camera but nothing visible to the human eye, so great for checking up in the middle of nap time or night.

    I will warn that it will take a little bit of networking know how, some of the more expensive options have more polished setup wizards and other features which can make them easier to get going. With the Foscam's I've setup you set it up and going on your local network, setup passwords and such once thats all good you have to foreword/open a port from your router to the camera. Then to easily connect from outside the network set up a dynamic DNS service that is supported in your router, which will make it so you can type in an easy address like suzzythenewborn.ddns.net or whatever you setup.
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