Wireless Cell Phone Data with Bluetooth!


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Jul 20, 2002
As a mac user one thing has always sucked is support from cell phone companies and providers for wireless data support! Sadly it's forced me to carry a Vaio laptop just so I can use wireless data from Nextel. Nextel has an unlimited rate plan for $60 a month and it works anywhere you have coverage! My gripe is that Motorola has 100% of the Nextel phone market and they even own a chunk of Nextel.... Since Motorola also builds the chips in most Macs wouldn't it make sense to offer support for macs! How hard could it be to write a driver or applet to use wireless data on macs! With OS X it shouldn't be that hard... Even on the PC side the apps aren't all that flashy!

Just my two cents.... Had to vent!

Kevin Leidecker

P.S. I don't spell good.... Consider any spelling or grammar mistakes part of a dialect, much like you would a good novel!