Wireless Charging Company Energous Partners With Apple Supplier Dialog

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    Apple supplier Dialog Semiconductor recently made a $10 million investment in Energous, a company that's developing long-range wireless charging techniques and has been rumored to be working with Apple in the past, reports Fast Company.

    According to Energous CEO Steve Rizzone, going forward, all Energous technology will be sold under the Dialog brand. Dialog makes power management chips and is said to get as much as three quarters of its business from Apple.

    Energous has developed WattUp, an emerging wireless charging technology that uses radio frequencies to charge devices from up to 15 feet away. There's been no concrete proof that Energous has partnered with Apple in any way, but in 2015, Energous inked a deal with an unnamed consumer electronics company, and speculation has suggested it could be Apple.

    The deal between Energous and known Apple supplier Dialog doesn't add any further evidence towards rumors of a partnership between Apple and Energous, but as Fast Company points out, Dialog's resources would make such a partnership more viable. Through Dialog, Energous now has access to Apple, knowledge of how Apple's supply chain works, and an inside edge on how to establish a deal with the Cupertino company.
    Rumors suggest Apple is planning to integrate some kind of long-range wireless charging technology into the iPhone 8, set to be released in 2017. Long-range wireless charging is superior to many existing wireless charging methods because it does not require devices to be close to a charging source or mat, but there are also challenges to overcome.

    With long-range charging, there's a loss of power transfer efficiency that occurs as the distance between the transmitter and the receiver is increased. That means devices charge more slowly when they're further away, and Apple is said to be aiming to overcome that limitation.

    Apple has been hiring engineers with expertise in wireless charging, testing wireless charging modules, and has been seeking a supplier for wireless charging chips, all hints that point towards the imminent implementation of wireless charging. Still, it remains unknown how wireless charging will be implemented and whether Apple will partner up with a company like Energous to implement the feature.

    Energous' CEO says the company's technology should be ready to start shipping out in real world products starting in the second quarter of 2017, but he did not comment on whether the partnership with Dialog was made in an attempt to secure some kind of deal with Apple.

    Article Link: Wireless Charging Company Energous Partners With Apple Supplier Dialog
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    Wireless charging, Apple definitely would want to remove the 'time to fully charged' indicator.
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    Currently wireless charging is charging on a mat. I'd like to hope that if Apple introduce wireless charging, it will be truly wireless, rather than a gimmick.
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    Looking forward to this. Just hoping that when the solution is discussed, it's not vaporware like other items for months. Otherwise, don't mention it until it's deliverable in stores for consumers.
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    Mar 18, 2014
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    What if it uses a puck just like the Apple Watch charging method? Also, does or will Xcode support wireless building of apps that way we don't need to use the Lightning port anymore? If Xcode still requires a physical connection then Apple really doesn't have the complete vision.
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    I'd love to see how they overcome the distance problem. The inverse square law is pretty hard to beat considering it is a fundamental physical property of the universe we live in, and also the reason the signal strength reduces drastically the farther you get away from the source.
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    Talk about your Dealings with Apple to others is a sure way to make sure it dosen't happen or has already been killed and you are trying to at least get a chance at selling High before the truth comes out and your stocks bomb. Congratulations :(
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    Maybe something involving beamforming? Being able to detect the position of the device and focus the energy?
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    Great, now they'll take away the Lightning port too.
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    Energous didn't talk about any dealings with Apple. There was an announcement of a deal with an Apple supplier. Everything else is speculation by outsiders.
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    completely closed device.
    just. better. work.
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    The NDA that you get to sign as a apple Supplier is so thick that you wouldn't even mention the Letters "A" "P" "P" ... in any off you dealings. You only talk when you have nothing to lose. The correct answer is no comment.
    Apple will higher your 'DNA ip' and create there own version.
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    If this is coming in 2017, we're getting an iPhone 7S because it'll be more than enough to have record iPhone sales.
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    wait...there's ACTUALLY truly wireless charging?!? *Gasp* Thank goodness my phone won't EVER have to be "on the pad". chuckle.
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    Even if someone develops "truly wireless" charging, there has to be a limited range or a leash/tether to it. Otherwise you'd be bombarded by electromagnetic radiation coming from not only yours, but everyone else's, wireless chargers. That can't be healthy.
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    Almost two years ago they partnered with a consumer electronics company...

    Two (maybe 3 for bleeding edge tech) years is about how long a new iPhone engineering design/test phase is. Has any other consumer electronics company brought out non-contact wireless charging features?

    Fully Wireless iPhone 8 charging confirmed /s

    Hopefully the bean-counters running Apple won't scrap this tech for being to costly and therefore cutting to much into iPhone/iPad margins that are keeping the company going atm.
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    I sure wouldn't want to sleep with my head near something emitting enough energy to charge a phone at a distance.
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    Sorry lads, but this is never going to debut to the world on an iPhone first. There's never been a product or proof of concept that has shown that long range wireless charging actually works reliably, safely, or at all.

    Apple inc is about refinement and tweaking. Not earth shattering, ground breaking, world changing technology. They don't do that. They improve on what has been done before.
  23. Barry Bishop macrumors member

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    Aug 19, 2015
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    So stand next to the transmitter for faster wireless charging :) If Apple can't overcome limitation of RF and longer distance plagued with Wi-Fi, then people may be finding their iPhone's would take 3 hours to charge.
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    We're already being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation. Not only do our electronics emit them (wifi, radio, cell radio, bluetooth, tv, av receiver, speakers, anything with an electric current in general, etc.) but so does anything involving combustion (your car engine, your grill, stars) and even your own body. Low energy radiation is absolutely everywhere and has been for as long life has existed on this planet. We've evolved to get along fine with it. The only real danger is if the waves are highly concentrated like in a microwave oven or a giant radio wave transmitter. They won't give you cancer but they'll cook you alive. And for the record, I highly doubt Apple, or any company for that matter, would back a technology that literally cooks its users. I'm pretty sure that would END them as a company.

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