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    Hi everyone,
    This is a problem of XP on a PC, but the only reason I'm using XP on a PC atm is because my power brick for my iBook fried and I can't use it now =(

    I bought a wireless USB adapter for my windoze box and I cannot get any connection to the wireless network in my house. It works perfectly on my dad's computer, which must indicate something is icky with either XP or my PC.

    I've tried two other USB wireless devices besides this one and they both do not work on my PC. All in all, 3 do not work for some reason. I believe something must be wrong with my operating system (perhaps some sort of XP drivers?) since I cannot connect to the internet with any of these three wireless USB drivers.

    All other USB devices work perfectly in the USB slots.

    The problem is when I click on the "Network Connections" tab from Control Panel, the Wireless Network Connection icon is not showing up, which must indicate something is wrong with a driver maybe?

    Does anyone know where they can point me in the correct direction? It's driving me nuts. Thanks!
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    It's difficult to say, especially without more specific details. However, I find Windows allows you to install the drivers for a USB network device on one port at a time. If it's installed on one port, it's not installed on any of the others, meaning you have to use the same USB port each time. Dunno if that helps you though. :eek:

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