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Jun 30, 2008
Looking to create some fitness DVDs - the instructor will be conducting quite vigorous exercises (a 30 min 'insanity' drop dead at the end type affair).

I can sense the budget wont be huge - is there a cheap-ish (£200) headset with cardioid pick up that I can wirelessly connect to a Sony EX3?

I have a Senhhesier wireless lapel mic bought with this kit -

will any-ol headset with a lockable 3.5mm jack socket work? need it to be cardiod and not fall off whens shes thrusting and jiggling etc... :cool:
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Oct 6, 2005
I don't have a solid answer right now, but I am going to be back on a studio shoot for another fitness DVD on monday and will try to see what they are using. They've hired a guy for the day in the past that specifically handles audio, so i've never looked into it. Although this setup is used for large, high-end production videos so it may more than you're willing or able to spend.

They've always used over the ear microphones attached to a wireless receiver with the cable taped down the back of the neck. I am thinking part of the reason for using the over the ear is that a standard lapel might rub on the clothing and create lots of noise with excessive movement.

Something like this I believe was tied into a shure wireless system:


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Nov 4, 2010
Might want to check out Countryman E6. Its a very professional mic and is almost invisible. They make them in a bunch of different options and include caps that adjust the sound. They might be able to get you one with the connector required for your wireless transmitter.
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