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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by gotlax24, Feb 2, 2008.

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    Feb 2, 2008
    Okay so i am saving up for a macbook and i was just trying to find out how wireless internet works. We only have one computer with internet (PC) and it just has a regular cable modem, its called: Surfboard SB3100 Cable Modem. I am trying to plan ahead as to what i am going to do in order to get wireless internet. All i know is that i need to buy a router or one of those mac airbases but i dont know which or how to set it up. Can someone tell me what to buy and how i should do it??? I tried looking for a post similar to this but when i tried reading them i couldnt understand what people were saying since i have no idea how wireless internet works.

    please help!!!
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    Jan 4, 2008
    In R4, more or less
    Hey, I am confident that there is a ton of info out there -- even your local Nameless Electronics MegaStore can help in this regard. But the basic idea is:

    Internet into home via cable > Cable Modem > Wireless G or N Router > Multiple Computers either via wire(s) or wireless internet.

    G/N refers to the specification and more practically the speed of the connection. Your MB will support N, so I'd get an N compatible router.
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    Just to add some details to the above post:

    The brand of router you buy won't really matter in the end. But don't spend the extra cash for the Apple one unless you plan to fully use it's additional features. Just about any of them will work for getting you connected, and the majority of them are way less $$ too :p

    Once you have a router, then:

    A) Have everything, computers, modem, router powered OFF, and keep them off until all other connections are made.

    B) Leave the cable modem as it is, but connect the ethernet line from it to your new router instead of to the existing computer.

    C) Then run another ethernet cable from 1 of the router's ports to the existing computer. The MB will be wireless-ready out of the box, so don't worry about any other cables.

    D) Now, do the following, in this EXACT order:

    1) Power on the cable modem. Wait 5-10 minutes or until ALL of the GREEN lights on the front of it are lit up.

    2) Power on the router, same as above.

    3) Power on the existing computer & let it fully boot to the desktop.

    4) Now, get the manual that came with the router, find the router's internal IP address, open your web browser & type that address into the location bar & press enter.

    This will put you at the router's configuration interface. Follow the directions in the manual for creating your password & changing the security settings etc etc.

    Once you are done with configuring the router, you should be able to get an internet connection on the existing, wired computer, and you can log out of the router. If not, you goofed somewhere and there is no point in trying to use the wireless part. Go back & fix the wired connection FIRST, then adding a lappy or other wireless device is just a matter of getting it to detect & log onto your network.......

    And yea, I've done this a few times, and the above steps have worked EVERY time nottaproblemo nomussnofuss :eek:

    just post back if you need further assistance :p
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    Here is what you're going to want to do. Go to your local Electronics store and purchase a wireless router. Go home, plug your cable modem into your router, and then, using a another ethernet cord, plug the router into your PC. One this is complete, all you have to do on your Macbook is select your network, and configure your password. You'll need to consult your user manual, but the concept is, you're going to type in your router's IP address (Linksys uses for most of their routers) and then click on security. Select a password, enter it into your keychain. And you're done! One you purchase a router, let us know, and we can help guide you through the setup process. As far as price goes, it'd say try and keep it under $60.00
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    Feb 2, 2008
    Thank you so much everyone! I understand now, i thought it would be more complicated. It sounds easy so i should be able to do that but if i have any problems i will be sure to ask!

    Thanks again!

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