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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by FrenchPB, Aug 1, 2009.

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    I need t get a wireless mouse for my iMac, which I use as a home theater PC. Basically, my iMac is linked to my HDTV which is in the living room. At this time, I have to stretch to see where my mouse pointer is on the V screen, so I'd like a wireless mouse for that use.

    It has to work well on different surfaces and have a long autonomy. A nice design would be a plus as well. I don't care about gaming or having several buttons on the mouse. I'd like the mouse to be small and elegant if possible.

    Thanks for your advices.
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    I would go BT, as I had a RF mouse and it was pretty horrible from 10-15 feet away. BT has a better distance.

    Mighty Mouse or microsoft makes some good ones. I used the apple BT mouse and keyboard.

    Check out the Logitech MX5500, its the bluetooth version of the MX revolution and a nice keyboard. Plays nicely with OS X if you buy steermouse (20). Cost of set is usually 150, but I got it on sale for 80 or so.
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    Sep 15, 2005
    What about the Microsoft Explorer mouse ? with the blue laser technology ? It would work well on different surfaces based on what I can see. The Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000 seems like a good one as well.

    The Apple wireless mighty mouse seems like it is expensive for what it is.

    I'll use my mouse 5 meters away from the computer, so should I only look for bluetooth ?
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    Sep 15, 2005
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    Get the wireless G7 Wireless mouse by logitech. I play COD4, Rainbow 6 and Battlefield 2142 on my 50" plasma and it's awesome. I play about 10-15ft away with no problem. the mouse is 2000dpi resolution so it's really smooth. Bought it off of ebay for $20. New appoximately $100.
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    or you can go with remote buddy, it gives you more functionality out of the basic apple remote, including custom key mappings to any program, and you can use it as a mouse to move around the screen (the four direction buttons, the the big middle button is click). It also has menus that let you browse files, force quit programs and other stuff. it also has an onscreen keyboard.

    but the big thing here is that it will work with a wii-mote (connects via bluetooth) and if you put a sensor bar* on your TV, you can just point and aim around the screen, and use the - and + buttons as left and right click.

    I don't have a wii, just bought the wii-mote to use a remote.

    * the sensor bar really doesn't sense anything, it is nothing but infrared LEDs, you can buy a wireless one that requires batteries, or I've made my own by cutting a usb cable, and putting a couple of LEDs with a resistor on top of my TV. just plugs into the mini that i use a my media computer.
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    I suggest a logitech di novo edge mac edition. Yes, it's a keyboard, but it has a little trackpad. It's all I use with my mac mini HTPC, and it's great. Obviously you couldn't use it if you were playing games, editing photos, or anything complicated like that, but for simple navigation (which is all that's really required for a HTPC) I find it replaces a mouse quite easily.
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    May 11, 2009
    I love my wireless mighty mouse. It looks perfect with any mac and has great range. I also love the egg-like design, very simple, but looks great. But you are probably going to find that as soon as you get a wireless mouse you are going to want a wireless keyboard because using your mac on a big screen is just so awesome. So I would consider the logitech keyboard suggested above. This will be more like an all in one solution and it looks like a very nice keyboard.
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    Bluetooth vs RF ranges depend almost entirely on the device. BT does not inherently have better range just because it is BT. Most modern wireless mice have better connectivity than most class 2 BT devices, but again, it depends on a lot of things.

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