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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by jawzzy, Jul 21, 2008.

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    So I've been tasked (more like forced my father to let me) set up the interwebs in our new house. I hope all you great people here could help me out.

    Here's what I am having trouble with, for which I couldn't yet get a specific answer:

    Both my brother and I have Macbook Pros (so with 802.11 N) while my dad has an old Dell laptop with only G.

    Our house is very spread out, so my brother and I need the increased range that comes with wireless N, however, my father also needs to get online with his G laptop (buying an upgrade card is not an option).

    If we buy an Airport Extreme and run it with all three laptops connected, will my brother and I still benefit from 1) the increased range of N, 2) the increased computer to computer speed of N (less important)? My father needs neither the increased range nor the increased speed of N. When he connects to the network will it knock down the range for me and my brother?

    Thanks to anyone who can help out, I haven't been able to find a straight answer
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    In general mixed mode will be slower

    There are performance tests that show that mixed mode will be slower (slightly) than an "N" only network using the 2.4Ghz radio. In general, I don't think it will effect the range of the base station, just the throughput. The range improvements are mainly antenna design, not radio power or protocol.

    In my case, I run two wifi networks - channel 1 is a "G" using a Linksys WAP54G with modded firmware and channel 11 is "N" using an Airport Extreme. My original plan was to run the "N" network as a 5Ghz to get the maximum throughput, but my Apple TV is too far away to get a decent signal on 5Ghz, so I am stuck with the 2.4Ghz which penetrates walls better.

    I can get away with running multiple networks because I live in the country and the nearest house is more than 500ft from me.

    If you are building a "new" house ... get Cat-6 wired to all the rooms and run a Gig wired network. You will get way better performance ... as long as you don't mind being tethered.

    Good luck with your planning ...

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