wireless network access to multiple portable hard drives

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    Feb 12, 2013
    Hi there gurus please help
    I want to be able to access my usb powered porable drives via my macbook and ipad wireless to watch movies/acess files/acess iphoto library/and use time machine to back up.
    I work and so also live on cruise ships in the caribean and europe so I do fly and travel constantly so weight is an issue, so not looking at a big NAS unfortunately. I live in small cabins when onboard and the ships are full wifi.
    I have a macbook pro 2008 (I will update early next year I think)
    3tb powered drive (movies)
    3 by 1tb usb powered drives (movies/files)
    1 by 2tb usb powered drive (time machine)
    1 by 2tb usb/firewire drive (iphoto)
    Will add a 128gb ipad soonish in march I think

    I have read that time machine has a reputation of dying soon after the warranty expires and that the extreme corrupts time machine back ups.

    I was thinking a powered hub for the drives connected to an extreme but connect the time machine to the macbook for back ups?
    The time machine back up is of the macbook and the iphoto drive (currently at about 900gig)
    any advice/help/guidance very apreciated, apple or non apple product as long as it does the job properly with a reasonable cost/size/weight
    thank you for any advice as it is forums like this that enable noobs like me not to be sold crap from salesman and to actually get the products that will meet my need.

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