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    Mar 3, 2012
    Hi. I've a very frustrating wirless problem on my MacBook Pro. Its running an up to date Lion.It was happily connecting to a wireless network with an SSID of "3Com", then stopped doing so and whenever I try its just gives me a connection timeout. I zapped PRAM, removed all refs to "3Com" from preferred networks, the keychain etc etc, and still it refuses to connect. There's a WEP password but that hasn't changed. The only way I can get it to connect is to change the SSID to something else other than "3Com" - in this case to "3Como". Then it connects perfectly even with the same WEP password.
    My problem is that I don't want to change the SSID on my wireless router from "3Com" as it is used by many other users. It points to some config info problem associated with the SSID "3Com", but I have no idea where this is held and how to get rid of it once and for all.
    Any ideas - there may be some hidden config files somewhere that I need to delete - but I cannot find them or any reference to them.
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    Go into System Preferences > Network > WiFi > Advanced and remove '3Com' from your preferred networks.

    Go into Applications > Utilities > Keychain Access, look in the 'login' keychain for '3Com' and delete any saved passwords associated with that SSID.

    Reboot your computer and router/AP.

    Attempt to reconnect.

    Report back here.

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