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Discussion in 'Mac OS X Lion (10.7)' started by theking79, Dec 20, 2011.

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    My iMac running lion, mid 2011 wont connect to my wireless network most of the time.

    The network is recognised full signal but it just wont connect, I keep getting connection timed out.

    It rarely connects, when it does connect it still cant load web pages or anything after a few seconds of it being connected, the connection just keeps dropping.

    Do you think this is this a hardware or software problem?
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    Troubleshooting wireless can be a pain in the A** to say the least. To start with, are you using any third party security software (Norton Internet Security – for example), as it might be blocking connections.

    If not, read on……….

    You need to start narrowing down the possibilities of what might be wrong. You need to start with your ISP and high speed modem, then work back to your router and then finally the Mac itself. Start by plugging the Mac directly into the cable from the high-speed modem (you will need to configure the Ethernet connection to supply your credentials and don’t forget to turn on your firewall as you will no longer have a hardware firewall between you and the web). If this connectivity is good then plug your router back into the circuit and plug your Mac directly into one of the ports on the router. It should configure itself automatically and get an IP address assigned from the router. If this connectivity is good next move is to check the wireless. Maybe get a friend to come over with a different laptop and allow them to (try) connect to your network, if their connectivity is no good, then you have a culprit. It they can connect just fine then you need to start looking at your Mac.
    There were some WiFi issues reported earlier this year that were supposed to be fixed with updates from Apple. Is your Mac up to date with all software updates?

    Some other thoughts to check:
    Are you running a third party “outbound” firewall, like Little Snitch? Did you set an encryption level on your router that is not supported by your Mac? In this last case, your Mac would see the network and report a strong signal, but it will never connect. My MBP is 2011 and I am using WPA2 on my wireless network with no problem. Did you make any access limitations in your router – mac address filtering etc.? What length key did you use to encrypt your network? If you used something elaborate try making it something simple for testing purposes. Try replacing the network cables? Is the power supply okay? Did this just happen and did you have connectivity prior to this and if so, what has changed?

    These are some idea’s to get you started. Sometimes the solution is very simple and you end up smacking yourself in the head afterwards, other times it can be a completely frustrating and annoying experience. I hope yours is the former.

    Also, only change one parameter at a time and test it before moving on to something else.

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