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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by hellodon, Sep 8, 2008.

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    I need some help.

    I have a "long" house. I keep my cable modem in the back room and run a pretty lengthy wire to the next room over where I have my wireless router. I had to put the router a room closer to get any sort of signal in the front of my house...I WISH I could have it in the back..but anyway...

    Linksys Wireless router BEFW11S4 V.2

    All the way in the front of my house is my living room, where I often hang out with my Powerbook/MBP. The problem is, the signal up there is pretty low. It cuts in and out and it drives me crazy.

    My router is sort of old, so I assumed that it had poor range because it's older so I decided to buy a new one. I went with a Linksys WRT110 RANGEPLUS Router.

    I replaced my existing router in the exact same place and went up to my front room and noticed that I had an even weaker signal..actually none! And they call this thing "RANGEPLUS"...I was pretty shocked.

    Anyway - what I'm wondering if I can do is have my old router hooked up in it's usual spot, and have this new one hooked up a little bit closer to the front of my house. I want my old router to send off a wireless signal to the new router then have THAT router give off a signal of it's own to the front room - hopefully giving off a full/strong signal to my front room? Or use the new one giving off a signal to the old one closer...either way.

    I think what this is called is a "wireless bridge" but I have NO experience doing this. I've heard about access points and from what I understand, those require a wired connection. I can't have wires running across my house like that - kinda defeats the purpose of wireless routing...

    So I'm curious if it's possible to do something like this, and if so, I need some assistance in what to do to get it running. Can anyone offer me some help with this? I only have one more day to take this newer router back if I can't do this so any help ASAP would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thanks a ton in advance!

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    You can definitely use the router to extend your network. It's not really bridging, since briding is basically creating a new network to bridge two devices. What you want is WDS, or something like that. It will create one network with both routers acting as access points. The signal handling will automatically be handled, and you only have to worry about joining one network - your computers will only "see" one network, not two, if you know what I mean.

    (Sorry for sounding like an advertisement for Apple, but...) this would be an absolute snap with Apple routers. But you're using different routers, so I can't help you there, not knowing the router's capabilities and interface, but you should be able to find a enable WDS setting somewhere in the "master" router, and have the other router "extend" the network. It might be called "Allow this network to be extended" or something akin to that.

    Hope this post is helpful!
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    I would love to use Apple routers! I actually bought a Time Capsule and was so pumped. But one thing that gets a lot of use in my living room wirelessly is my Xbox 360 and it doesnt play nice with "N" routers so I had to take my Time Capsule back....it was a bummer.

    So as far as setting this up goes....I know I can get into my routers controls by going to if I have 2 hooked up how do I get into the other one? attached is a snap shot of my wireless controls on the one i have hooked up now. If you see anything in there that looks helpful let me know!

    I guess what I need help doing is getting the one to "talk to" the other one then have that one work an extension.

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    added a picture of my "plan" to the original post.

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