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    Jan 13, 2009
    I am a new Mac user, and have come to appreciate the wonderful advice found on these boards. I am interested in setting up wireless network storage and have read many of the threads regarding this topic on these boards. I think many networks are already more advanced than mine and wonder if I could obtain advice more specific to my situation. I appreciate greatly any help.

    I currently use my new MacBook Pro 2.4ghz, 200gb wirelessly through a Westell 802.11g+ router which is provided by my ISP. I have a USB MyBook external hard drive (250gb), on which I keep my Itunes library (currently about 150gb). When I use Itunes, I need to plug in the external in order to do so. I do not have a desktop computer in the house. I do have an old PC laptop which is hideously slow!

    I have a few wishes and wonder the best way to fulfill them:
    1) would like to be able to have the storage be wireless (WLAN) such that I can access iTunes without plugging anything into the laptop.
    2) would like to be able to automatically back up data such that it exists in two places, but don't want to keep all the music on the laptop or it will be full with no spare room. I have not used Time Machine before because my external is not hooked up most of the time.
    3) would like to be able to store all data from iMovie (just had new baby and got an HD camcorder), iPhoto, and iTunes, and be able to work with this data on the network (rather than being stored in laptop).
    4) access from outside the house might be nice but is not critical.

    My understanding of the Time capsule is that it is really meant for a single backup copy of data from a desktop computer (which is also storing the data). This doesn't really seem right for me. Also it would seem that using Time Machine would fill it with backups such that no free space would be available for Itunes, IPhoto, etc.

    I have also read about many wireless LAN options such as ReadyNas, Drobo, etc, which house multiple disks to create extra copies. These seem like they might be more difficult for a non-techy type to set up correctly though! In addition, I am not sure if these devices are more than I need both technologically and cost-wise. Some of these have issues working with a Mac Network, those are things I am unlikely to want to try to figure out!

    The last option might be to purchase the Airport Extreme Base Station and plug into it two external hard drives which could store the data separately. I thought that the Time Machine program will work here (as I understand it), but would again fill up the drive with backups such that they can't be used to work with. This would also not be able to be accessed remotely right?

    Lastly, it seems Time Machine might be a problem for what I want in that whatever drive I choose to purchase will soon be full of backup data and not be accessible to active data usage. I would like to be able to work with my data, AND, have some system for automatic backup. Maybe some other software I have not read about is good for this.

    I appreciate any help any can provide, it would seem that many of the networks here have evolved from the point that I am at, and that maybe some backward thinking will give an obvious answer to those that have tried these things before.
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    This is a really good question, with a well thought out summary of the situation. I'm bumping it because I to am in a similar situation and would be curious to see what people have to say.
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