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    Oct 15, 2003
    The hubs and I are shopping around for a wireless router and also looking for one of those printer/copier/fax machines. This is where our trouble begins because we can't seem to find things that are compatible with both of our computers. His computer runs FreeBSD. We are networked through a regular router and our computers can talk to each other freely. Finding a wireless router that would work for both computers seems to be a bit of a problem. Has anyone been successful in setting up a wireless networking system and if so please share your tips. :)

    Also this little situation is also making it hard to find a printer with wireless capabilities that works with both computers. Any suggestions on a printer would be wonderful as well! Thanks so much. :)
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    Oct 15, 2003
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    Well, I don't think the router should be the problem, as long as it supports 802.11b. The problem with FreeBSD or Linux is generally support for the wireless client cards - that's going to have to be 802.11b, and then only particular chipsets. A good place to check for that is the pcmcia-cs project, which is what most mature Linux distros (and I'd guess *BSDs as well) use for their wireless management.

    As far as printers go, check on the CUPS website (Common Unix Printing System) to see what's well supported using Internet Protocol Printing. I don't know what printing system is native to FreeBSD (lpr or whatever), but he can almost certainly install CUPS. That way you'll both be using the same basic printing management system.

    Edit: I missed the fact that you're looking at those multi devices. You got me there. I haven't seen any of those that do any one of the functions very well, but I know some people like the concept.
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    Oct 15, 2003
    Thank you so much! That was extremly helpful! I'm off to check out those websites. :)

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