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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by calvin, Oct 23, 2008.

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    I had a problem with my wireless network. I think I've fixed it, however I'm concerned that it may recur, and want to see if anyone has any ideas of the cause and suggestions for improvement.

    I was using my iMac on the internet, and suddenly lost connection. I tried to reconnect to the network - I could see my SSID in the airport list - but I got the message that 'connection failed'. This happened several times. I did notice that a 'device' showed in the airport list, with a code of 'Philips - some numbers - WACS', which I now believe to be a Philips Streamium, plus a new network in the block which changed the name of the SSID from a default 'SkyXXXX' to 'TheFlat' and then disappeared (presumably a user hiding the SSID).

    I got out my iPod touch, however that was also unable to connect to the network even though I could see the SSID.

    My conclusion was that a new neighbour was setting up a home network and that this was somehow blocking my network from working properly. I have a PS3 connected via ethernet to my router which connected fine to the router and internet, so I used its web browser to access the router configuration page and changed the channel used by the wireless signal. Luckily this worked and my iMac and iPod can now both connect to the network with no problems.

    I was unaware that a network could be totally blocked by interference. Has anyone come across this before? Do I risk my network being blocked again on its new channel (previously 4, now 1) -> if so how do I make sure that *my* network functions properly and the *new* network will be the one that fails to work without altering settings?! I want to make my network more resilient...

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    You need to make sure that your neighbors wireless is not running on the same channel as yours and the SSID names are different

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