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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by kretzy, Mar 26, 2006.

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    Sep 11, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    I'm at a friend's place trying to get their new PC *shudders* laptop to connect to their wireless network. It's detecting the network, but after instructing it to connect a nice little message comes up "Windows is unable to connect to the wireless network as it is out of range or unavailable. Try refreshing to find available wireless networks." Grrrr....

    The wireless router being used is a Netgear WGT624, and the network is fully available seeing as the PCs in the house can all access it. I've also had no trouble connecting my PB to it in the past.

    I know its not exactly Mac related, but I think I'll have more luck here than any where else. Any help would be appreciated.


    This is what happens when my friends don't heed my advice and get Macs! :mad:
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    Oct 13, 2004
    Things you could try:
    1. Try connecting the pc laptop with a cat5 cable to check it can join the network - that will eliminate some of the possible causes, such as:
    2. Look at the network settings on an existing networked pc to check you're using the right ip addresses etc.
    3. Check that the Netgear actually has the wireless switched on, and that there are no security settings enabled, eg WEP, WPA or MAC address filtering.
    4. Maybe it's a fault with the wireless card in the pc laptop - is it new? Can you beg/borrow or steal another one to try out?
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    Mar 13, 2005
    Ah yes, many a time have I had friends with this problem!

    Are you running the latest firmware for the Netgear Router?

    Is the laptop Centrino by any chance?

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