Wireless PowerPoint display and control

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by jcmeyer5, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Trying to find a wireless solution for displaying PowerPoint via projector. Doent need to be sexy, just cloning my windows desktop would be enough for me. I think this is possible with air display, but not entirely sure - does air display allow iPad keyboard input? I want three things... Wireless, see presentation on iPad and projector, and be able to control the slides on the iPad.

    Any successful solutions out there?
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    Okay, I can answer my own post. Found three options. MySlide is the one I purchased. It requires a piece of software to be installed on the host computer. It allows you to start a show, move forward and back, shows you press ter notes, and even has a built in touch pad to navigate the system to get the presentation going. Works well.

    There is also iClicker and SlideShow remote. The latter didn't have great reviews, the former was $10, so I took the third that had JUST been released.
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    We happen have an app related, it is AirSlides (http://itunes.apple.com/cn/app/airslides/id481159116?mt=8). It supports PDF only so far, that means we need export PDF from PPT firstly. Fortunately, recent version of MS PowerPoint or Apple Keynote both have built-in support now.

    For conference room provides VGA cable only, AirSlides supports iPad –WiFi–> iPhone/iTouch/iPad –Apple VGA adapter–> projector/TV. For the room with AppleTV, AirSlides supports AirPlay mirroring.

    It is amazing easy and confortable to jump between pages, to draw on screen. You may watch this video to get idea about the setup and usage:

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    Wireless PowerPoint display and control

    Wireless is a one of best for display and control.

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