wireless printer - best buy out there nowadays?


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Dec 7, 2009
I haven't bought a new printer in over a decade. (And I'm still hoping that one day I can get my HP 5MP successfully hooked up again somehow.) The number of choices in the market these days is almost dizzying.

What I'd like to have:

- wireless printing
- very Mac friendly (duh)
- possibly linux friendly (but not a deal-breaker)
- ideally does scanning
- fax capabilities are unimportant
- duplex printing not super-important
- occasional photo printing (when I don't want to do prints elsewhere)
- non-heavy text printing (I can hopefully do that elsewhere)
- under $200 or so.

On Amazon the Canon PIXMA MX860 seems to get many decent reviews, but some might think it's overkill for me.

Obviously I'm still undecided on the whole inkjet/laser argument. My preference is laser, but color laser doesn't seem to be in my near future. Am I going to give in and finally join the inkjet circus?


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Oct 29, 2009
LOL =)

let me rephrase that -- color laser toner costs can kill your budget =)

my 7300 needs 8 replacements -- C, M, Y, K toners and C, M, Y, K imaging units

if I buy genuine Xerox carts, its close to $1000 for a CMYK set, imaging units last 2X as long, but add another $800

i used to do carts 4-6X a year, now im down to only 2...
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