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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by c1phr, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I realize this has little to do with a Mac (except that all devices that will be using this printer will be Apple devices) but I've been struggling to find a solution for a printing situation.

    I'm going to school next week and I'll be staying in a dorm. My roommate and I were trying to find the best way to share our printer, and we've looked at options from Google Cloud Print to using one Mac to share the printer to the other but the dilemma we keep coming across is that it's inconvenient (granted, not impossible) to print whenever the printer's host (the machine connected directly to USB) isn't around.

    My question:

    Given that the printer we got is a wireless printer and our university will let us connect it to their network, is there any way to restrict its use to just our Macs/iPads? It can be either a password or some form of MAC address filtering, but I want to make sure no one else in the hall can print to it. Otherwise, I guess we'll just be swapping the USB cable every time.

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: We're using a Canon MG5320 though I'd assume most wireless printers are similar in the terms of my question.
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    Are you allowed to put your own router in the dorm room / living area?
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    Unfortunately no, that was the first thing we wanted. I'm debating getting a wired router and just trying to keep it hidden. Tech services told me that while wired routers aren't really forbidden, an RA won't really know the difference between that and a wireless router. I don't want to bank on that as a solution though.

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