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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by HelixOmnimedia, Oct 26, 2006.

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    I started this thread in "Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion" but since I've got most of the stuff... I've moved into HELP.
    Original Thread:


    I've got a PowerBook G4 OSX 10.4.8, a BT HomeHub and a Epson Stylus D88 - and was wondering if I can set the printer up to wirelessly print.

    In the previous thread they mentioned the a program called "Bonjour"
    - Where can I find this?
    - And How do I set the printer up to print wirelessly?

    THANKS for any help.
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    Under the Printer Setup Utility - I've clicked on ADD PRINTER and under the IP Printer tab I've selected the Internet Printing Protocol.
    I've input the address for the wireless router - which the USB printer (Epson Stylus D88) is plugged into.

    Now after that it Auto Searches for "Print Using" and it comes up with: Generic PostScript Printer.... but once added it doesn print.
    Then I went back and selected EPSON from the list - but my Printer Model isn't listed?
    Does this mean that my printer won't work as wireless?

    THANKS to anyone who can shed any light on the issue
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    As far as I know the HomeHub doesn't actually act as a USB print server. True it has 2 USB sockets, but one is designed for a PC (simple connection to the router if it hasn't got wireless or ethernet) and the other one is at the moment unknown use, possibly something to do with the future ipTV to come with it. A quick check shows the D88 is a normal USB printer with no ethernet socket of its own anyway.

    If this is the case then this is your problem. The PowerBook is looking for something that isn't being advertised and isn't working. You'll most likely need to buy a seperate print server, as BT suggest the HomeHub could be used as a print server with a future software update, but apparently it currently doesn't support the print server feature, despites having USB sockets.

    Have you downloaded the latest drivers for Mac off the Epson website anyway? Always good to have the latest version of drivers anyway!

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