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Discussion in 'iMac' started by gean, May 15, 2008.

  1. gean macrumors member

    Aug 23, 2007
    My new imac 24inch is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I have a quetion about usine it wireless, or wired. My current computer is hooked up wired, was using it wireless but lost it for some reason. I called linksys about it (wrt54g model) and after 2 hr i finally got someone to help me.

    My questions should i upgrade to the wirless n, or keep what i have? Also anone have any ideas about apples wireless, netgear, or what ever? Anyone have experience dealing with other and what is there experience?

    note: my next door negihbor was getting on to my system, not sure if he missed it up. (he told me he was using it)

    Thanks to all who respond :)
    sorry about long post

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    Mar 25, 2002
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    If all you're doing is connecting to the web via the wireless then there's really not that much point in upgrading. The wireless you have is likely faster than your internet connection anyway. If you copy a lot of large files around on your local network between machines however, then it might be worth it (providing all systems are N capable) as file copies will naturally be faster.
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    I doubt your neighbor messed anything up, but it is possible to make changes to the wireless router remotely, if you didn't adjust any of the default settings.

    The first time you set it up, you should change the password to the router's admin panel. (usually get to it by typing "" or something similar in your web browser....it should say in the instruction manual or you can google) This way, people won't be able to use the default login to go in and change your router settings (they could lock you out of it!). Granted, you can always hit the reset button and start over if someone screws it up, but still it's a hassle that can be avoided.

    2nd, if you're close enough for your neighbor to use it, I'd put a password on it so that he won't be able to access it to screw things up, but mainly so he won't slow down your connection.

    As far as brands of routers. I've had a linksys that up and died after a year or two of use, a netgear that sucked big time (lots of problems) and another linksys that has been awesome. It's probably just bad luck on my part that I got the bad ones. I know plenty of people who have not had any problems with them. I don't know about Airport express or extreme...I've never had either.

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