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    Nov 12, 2004
    Hey everybody,

    I have a wireless router situation:

    1. I have a new Dual 2.0 G5, a desktop PC, and a Dell laptop that I use for my job. Each one is on a different wall in the room.

    2. The desktop PC is connected to DSL straight from the wall. The Mac and Laptop are connected via telephone cords and 56K modems which suck terribly. I have 3 telephone lines in the room.

    I have no router or anything. I'd like to get a wireless router setup where I can get all of them hooked up to the same DSL connection at one time. What kind, make/model, of router would I need and will this need Airport Express additionally to work or what? The CompUSA guy and Belkin rep were morons today. Thought I'd ask some of the pros on this site. Thanks for the input!!
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    Nov 7, 2003
    I would recommend you get a wireless router unless you want to run cable. DLink or Linksys are good quality routers. I would go for a 802.11g model which are the fastest. Also, recommend this over the Apple ones because the apple software to configure basestation from PC is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Also, with these routers, you Mac can just be connected with ethernet cable to the router, or you can mix and match. You will also need to get wireless cards for your Dells.

    Some common pitfalls with getting a router is you will probably have to tell your ISP that you got a router, because it will think it is a rogue computer on the line in MOST cases. The other solution to this problem is clone your Mac's IP address. Just do a search on the forums or on the support site for your router that you bought. it isn't hard to do.

    Since it is wireless you also need to worry a little bit about wireless security. http://www.securitytechnique.com/2003/11/wsc.html
    This article covers everything. Different people on the forums have different things you should, this articles covers all of them.

    This all assume you want to have a wireless network. If you would like a wired, I would still go with DLink or Linksys. I am just trying to avoid you running cable through you house, although if you know how to run cable it isn't rocket science.


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