Wireless SSD successes or dislikes?

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Tozovac, Apr 2, 2018.

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    Jun 12, 2014
    Has anyone tried a wireless SSD to keep nearby at all times, for accessing important data but being able to avoid the plug-in routine?

    I love my 2014 MBA with only 128gb. Been considering options to increase to 512 only since I'd like to put my music & photos collection onto the MBA w/o having to constantly connect a spinning external HD, which I have and use often, but find myself then having to plug in the MBA for power so as to not drain my battery too quickly that day. A wired SSD drive is surely an option now that prices have come down and which would use up much less power during idle time, but again that's something to carry & plug in, etc.


    The Transcend JetDrive Lite is an option at $200, but I want more than 284gb total.

    An option like buying a pre-owned 2013/2014 MBA with maxed-out OEM storage is an option, then selling my MBA, but there are all kinds of trade-offs I'd like to avoid there, including migrating away from an MBA I *know* is solid.

    An option like DropBox or other cloud storage at ~$99/year wouldn't work since I'd rather avoid the lag, plus I'm not always around a wireless connection and plus I don't want to drain my iPhone's battery & dataplan via tethering.

    An option like replacing the OEM SSD would work, but I'd sure like to avoid the $350-500 if I could, which made me start investigating the state of wireless SSD's...charge it up and use it wirelessly occasionally. I believe I could live with the transfer speed reduction but would only know when I tried it.

    Have yet to find a good option with high ratings at Amazon or other places, as it seems this is just too new yet.

    As 1 & 2-star ratings are almost 50% for options like this, I'm just not feeling ready to dive in, even if $150 is more than justifiable to me for 2TB:


    So has anyone dived into the world of wireless SSD's and willing to share their experiences?

    Or does anyone have other options to consider for me getting onto some easily-accessible & mobile 512gb storage?

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Perhaps I'm wrong, but I think trying to connect an SSD "wirelessly" would defeat the purpose of HAVING an SSD -- that being, "speed"...
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    Jun 12, 2014
    Thx for responding.

    Hi, yes you're wrong for my particular case. :)

    Perhaps I didn't explain myself well enough. I'm not so worried about speed as much as being able to easily access all my files when out & about but w/o having to connect to my spinning (or SSD) drive via cables, using up my laptop battery and also having to deal with cable/dongle annoyance. That clunkiness of having to always plug in my laptop in order to prevent my external HD from sucking up my battery, and the clunkiness of having to connect an external HD/SSD via cables defeats the purpose of a portable laptop to me...since the MBA's are so expensive to expand for storage, I'd gladly take a non-lightning-quick wireless HD if it held a charge and could operate while in my laptop bag, etc. Turns out only wireless SSD's seem available and not spinning HD's, so thus my question about wireless SSD's and not wireless HD's etc.

    I would GLADLY take a .5 lb and 1/8" increase in my MBA size if it meant more-easily & economically expandable onboard storage.
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    Jun 12, 2014
    I'm also thinking of buying the thinnest external SSD I can (512 or 1TB) and velcroing it to the laptop, since Apple is more concerned about the thinness of their laptop when it's posed for marketing photos and less (or not) concerned about the bigger picture of how their customers would like to use and get the most out of their laptops. I could learn to deal with the cable issue if the SSD is "already there." Function is much more important than form to me (calling Jony J-Ive...).

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