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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by petsk, Apr 14, 2014.

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    Has anyone of you guys set up a Wirelessly Extended Network using the latest TC or APE base stations? Is the throughput reduced by half for each added base station, like it was with the older models?

    I'm talking about a WiFi only network without using Ethernet cables.

    I'm currently running a AC network wish is extended using Ethernet cables and I'm getting decent speeds at around 25-30 MB/sec (Time Capsule a/c + Airport Express n) but I don't want to take down my network just to try out the WiFi only solution.
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    Apple doesn't really say--this is the latest information I can find from them, and it's about the 802.11n models. That being said, I would assume it is still the case. (I don't know that it was a reduction by half, but a reduction nonetheless.) If you really need two wi-fi access points, you're always much better off connecting them to your network in a wired fashion.
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    An Ethernet over power adapter might speed things up.
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    It is halved of the transmit rate. Say you are two rooms away and you get an 800 Transmit Rate. You will get 400 Mbps of usable bandwidth between the two. Like it is always said, Ethernet is best!

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