Wirelessly share displays between Pro & Notebook

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by dmiller10, Nov 14, 2014.

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    Apr 29, 2014
    Howdy folks, here's an interesting question I feel probably has a simple, elegant solution. Either through Apple or some developer App.

    My setup is as follows: MacPro1,1 (updated graphics card and SSD obviously) jerry-rigged to run Yosemite (runs flawlessly) with dual 23" HD displays. I don't have a wifi card installed in the machine, but I always have my MacBook (aluminum unibody 2008) also running Yosemite sitting next to it and sharing internet via ethernet, which is so nice when I have to transfer data between the two. Gigabit takes hours of transfer time and turns it into minutes. amazing. But I digress...

    My question is as follows. I generally tend to do work on my Pro, because of the screen real estate of course. But usually I'll have some window open on my MacBook (as it HAS to be running to share internet), usually safari or messages or something. Is there anyway I can use my MacBook as a third display for my Pro, or indeed, use my dual 23" displays as second and third displays for my MacBook without having to unplug and replug all the cables? I have this handy app on my iPad/iPhone+ that allows it/they to be used as external displays for my computers. Can I do this with my two machines sitting next to each other connected via ethernet?

    As I type this I can sort of see the problems involved... plist files specifically, closed OS environments and app support files unique to each machine...

    Perhaps there is a way to have one display sort of variable? It's not exclusively connected to one machine or the other but I can wirelessly switch which computer it is currently serving? That would be ideal...

    I don't think what I'm asking for is possible now that it comes to it but I thought I'd open the conversation up to you folks since you've likely dived deeper into this general area of discussion than I have.

    Cheers and thank you!
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