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MP 7,1 Wiring Monitor to Mac Pro


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Aug 17, 2017
Dear all,

Sorry for the relatively basic question, but I did not really find a good answer to my question elsewhere.

I recently pulled the trigger and got a 7,1 Mac Pro last week (after an odyssey with a maxed out 2020 iMac and a Mac mini with eGPU). I love, love, love this machine!!!

It is currently connected to a 34" LG 5k2k monitor (34WK95U-W), which is the only widescreen that gives me a tolerable pixel density via the supplied Thunderbolt 3 cable. A brio Webcam is also attached to the USB-Hub of the LG, and the signal passed on to the Mac Pro.

The problem is that I have a standing desk (which is really important) and that the supplied TB3 cable is way too short to use the desk in standing mode (Mac Pro on the floor).
I initially though I'd just get a 3m TB 3 cable (the LG is on a VESA mount and if I (elegantly) want to route the cable through the arm + the hight in standing mode, that's what's needed), which turns out to be much harder than I anticipated. Anything TB3 above 2 meters apparently requires optical cables, which cost 3-digit amounts.

So what are my options?

1. connect the monitor and the webcam via two 3m cables (HDMI and USB separately)
2. get a 2m Thunderbolt 3 cable and have the cable dangle in my view

Is there a third option that would work AND give me access to the built-in USB hub of the LG (i.e., a setup in which would get the full bandwidth of the built-in USB ports (the monitor is what I am referring to here), but with a single cable that I am not aware of? What would you go for?

Thanks a lot!!!


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Jun 26, 2009
I backed this project on kickstarter, they allege that the 3m cable supports 6k and full 40gbps. I have an XDR display so I wanted the extra meter as well, will let you know if it works once received, you could mail them as well and see

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Mar 4, 2008
I have a similar setup. One option, although overkill is to use a TB3 dock to give you more breathing room. The shorter cable could connect to your monitor and the longer 2m cable could connect the TB3 hub to the Mac.

I use the TB3 hub for other reasons, but a nice side effect is giving me more slack for my standing desk.
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Mar 10, 2009

The problem is that I have a standing desk (which is really important) and that the supplied TB3 cable is way too short to use the desk in standing mode (Mac Pro on the floor).

If the Mac Pro wasn't on the floor the distance would get shorter. Not on top of the desk, but some "mount" point off the ground 1-2 ft gets you that much more slack in the cable in standing mode. If trying to put as much effort into hiding the Mac Pro as hiding the cable then that may not work, but it is another option. If using a back Thunderbolt port then orienting the Mac Pro horizontally ( not blocking any vents ) is another path to more slag and perhaps more up/down clearance for the desk in "down" mode. The floor becomes an issue if trying to seperate from the floor. The Mac Pro only strictily needs a stable surface to rest on ( doesn't have to be the floor).

Similarly, the other option mentioned of having a Thunderbolt dock is additionally useful if trying to 'hide' the Mac Pro ( and therefore its ports also). That gives easy access to system ports without having to "go find" the Mac Pro under the raised work surface. ( but also starting be in range of an optical cable with some dock prices. But it is also has more utility that just being a simple cable. )
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