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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by saraelllen, Jul 22, 2013.

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    Jul 22, 2013
    On Friday morning I got all four of my wisdom teeth out, they were all impacted. It's now Monday night and while brushing my teeth I accidentally bumped one of the extraction sites. My face is still swollen like hell, so it's hard for me to open my mouth or eat, let alone brush my teeth. It's been bleeding like crazy. I put a wet tea bag on for about 15-20 minutes to help stop the bleeding. When I took it out, a small jellylike substance was on the tea bag. I'm guessing this is the blood clot. It's still bleeding, but I'm going to bed in hopes that it'll stop. I'm scared that I'll get dry socket if the blood doesn't clot back up. My question is, WILL it clot back up?! Or should I just go back to the doc? I don't know if I have dry socket either. Apparently there's a lot of pain?
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    May 3, 2009
    My advice is to call your dentist/oral surgeon. I'd rather trust his advice over what I get on the internet, especially when it comes to medical information.
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    You registered on an internet message board about Apple just to ask a question that should be directed to a medical professional?
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    This ^^^ !

    I can't recommend strongly enough that you follow maflynn's advice and contact a dentist/oral surgeon.

    This is NOT the place to get medical/dental advice. While I'm sure the folks here are well intentioned, they are not medical/dental professionals, and those who are will, I'm sure, give you the same advice. No professional is going to give you any detailed advice...we know better than to do that based on a few lines of communication. And anyone who does give you detailed advice is not qualified to do it, and can only cause you problems.
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    Sounds like you broke the stitches, call the doc as it sounds like it's getting infected.
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    I had impacted wisdom teeth - which would flare up horribly in average once a year, and cause me agony until antibiotics and pain killers had temporarily addressed the problem, at least for another year.

    They had been an issue for over twenty years, as I had been advised that I would require a full anaesthetic in order to have them removed, a procedure I was most reluctant to undergo for the sake of teeth.

    In any case, by last year, dental surgery had advanced to the stage that my dentist was able to call in the services of a dental surgeon who was able to do the needful under local anaesthetic.

    For my teeth, and anything of that - or any other health related issue - I would not dream of asking anyone's opinion other than a qualified medical professional. Seriously, OP, asking a forum (a dwelling for tech types, nerds and sundry other individuals) for advice on how to deal with a problem related to your wisdom teeth is missing the point. The point is that the only people qualified to assess, and deal with, the problems in your jaws and gums are your dental specialists.

    Mine used to get that throbbing pain, which was a strong indicator of infection; I had to wait for medical science to move on before I felt able to deal with them permanently, but for temporary relief, I used to make a dash to the closest reliable medical professional. That is what I advise that you do, too.
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    Rinse with a strong brandy. This will help sterilise and numb the pain (if you swallow the mouth wash!)
    Seriously see your dentist. Our opinions are for the most part not qualified!
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    I lucked out and had no problems with them when they came in. Rinsing with salt water was advised to me by my dentist when I had a root canal that started going bad. There is a high grade antiseptic mouthwash available. It's in a white bottle. I'd keep tea bags, and other stuff away from the spots, but yes, if the bleeding does not stop, there is a chance for infection, and that infection could spread to the bones underneath, and to the other teeth. It's amazing too, how fast an infection can get out of hand.

    If you are running a fever, and/or have any unusual odors coming from your mouth, and can't get in touch with your dentist, you might want to call your normal doctor, or go to the ER. If an infection gets bad enough, you risk sepsis which is a lot harder to get rid of, and can kill you.
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    Be glad you are young. My Wisdom Teeth came out with two shots of Novocain, a metal bar across my good teeth and the very old Dentist prying on the Wisdom teeth with another bar. He even leaned on the arm rest (of the chair) to get good leverage.

    Being in college at that time (I entered college at the age of 17) and trying beer after two weeks shot pain through me that made me scream like a little girl. :rolleyes:
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    Ah nitrous.. Go to see your Doc to be sure what you're seeing is not evidence of post-op complications or infection. Afterwards be sure to keep those sockets clean so they can heal properly.

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