Wish V3 worked better in the gym

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by pianoman88, Jun 9, 2018.

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    After 30 minutes in the gym, the readings are less than what I get walking up and down the hill by my house - and the hill isn't that steep (or long). We're talking bicycle and various leg and arm exercises.

    Seems like a waste to wear it to the gym.
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    Jun 6, 2017
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    Are you talking about strength training at the gym? Because that doesn't really burn a lot of calories. Describe your workout?

    And how long does it take to walk up and down the hill? What does your heart rate look like when you do it? Cardio does burn a lot more than strength training so this might not be that unusual.
  4. ftaok, Jun 9, 2018
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    I think Apple uses calorie burning algorithms that probably utilize the MET system. There's a formula that estimates how many calories you burn doing various excercise. The MET is factored into a bunch of other things, including gender, height, and weight. Intense weight lifting (power lifting) is worth about a 6.0 MET. Normal weight lifting is about 3.5.

    For comparison, running at 7 mph is worth 11 MET.

    I would imagine that the workout type you select sets the MET for that workout. Then your HR determines how vigorously you're exercising and adjusts the MET. I also imagine that walking without selecting an active workout will always calculate calories using a very low MET. That's why (at least for me), when I select a walking workout, I'll record more calories burned, probably because my HR is increased and perhaps the MET used is set a little higher.

    Also - to address the OP, when you're riding the exercise bike, did you select an indoor cycling workout? I can't imagine not getting a good amount of calories credited. When I ride the excercise bike, I get about 90 calories for every 10 minutes.
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    Are you actually starting and finishing a workout using the appropriate workout category? I have never had a problem with calorie burn.

    If you hop on a bike and assume your watch know, you won’t burn much at all.

    Similarly for weight training, calorie burn isn’t that great for lifting alone.

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