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Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by kjotis, Apr 27, 2017.

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    Apr 27, 2017
    • I want a touch screen, it's natural, it works on Windows, it works on IOS devices, we have an expectation.
    • I want fingerprint security.. we have it on IOS, why is the Mac behind?
    • I want APPs. they work on IOS devices, IOS is based on BSD, APPs are developed on Apples software, why can we have great APPS but they don't execute on better hardware. The APPS now target multiple screens, add another
    • I want GPS, i have location on IOS. Its silly that when I go to maps I have to enter a location. Its a $2 feature
    • I want connectivity. Give me LTE and 5G. I want a standardized Accept screen, click agree once, and as long as the Wifi network accepts the stand terms I can automatically connect. Either I have been on the network before, or the location is checked while connected on LTE, and if Wifi is available I the system will connect me automatically. No looking for a network, no accepting the same old terms, my connection is tunneled and runs a VPN with Software Defined networking that protects me, scans the stream.
    • I want seamless storage. My data available across the devices and replicated up and down. Using storage locally for performance, using cloud storage for a seamless, continuous, unlimited storage environment.
    • Siri needs an overhaul, and more end points need to be supported. I want a microphone to be everywhere...
    • in the Apple charging station, clock, radio, speaker.
    • in the Apple TV/Monitor (with video and ability to listen while in use)
    • In the thermostat
    • in the Alexa/Echo like device (which lacks a BT speaker connection for a Sonus like AMP/Speaker), and a clock,
    • In a device in the kitchen... like a coffee maker or microwave or something for under cabinet that listens, has a speaker, connects the kitchen
    • In a device that goes in the shower... good thought time, ideas, tasks, notes, news, music.
    TV & Monitors
    • They should support FaceTime. Put a video camera in. Gesture recognition
    • Office features. transfer calls, forward voice mail,
    • Mac Facetime a group / conference capability.
  2. 960design, Apr 27, 2017
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    Will not happen. Usage is poor to non existent. Painful after extended periods of touching an vertical screen ( poor wrist position ).


    My MBPr15 has fingerprint security
    My mac has apps. Apps (UI/UX) for touch interfaces are built differently than apps for desktops and laptops that do not have touch screens.
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    Dec 11, 2010
    I have a touchscreen Toshiba Windows laptop, so some of that may be true. However, it does not account for using it in tablet mode or with a pen. Taking notes, drawing, marking photos, editing photos, etc. If the iPad could run pro apps like Photoshop, I wouldn't even care if the Mac was touchscreen, but we have a gap in what an iPad can run and what a Mac can run, which means we can't use the Pencil with apps like Photoshop without using an app like Astropad.
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    Jun 28, 2013
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    • Touch screens have proven to be inefficient when used in a laptop form factor, i.e not in tablet mode.
    • We have Touch ID on the 13" and 15" 2016 Touch Bar model MacBook Pro lineup
    • I'm not sure what you are saying here... Do you want iOS apps to run on MacOS? If that's the case, it's simply not possible unless they are emulated. iOS apps are developed for specific range of devices with features that are not available on any Macs.
    • I don't see a need for a GPS inside of a laptop. Perhaps they could develop a GPS location sharing feature between iPhones and Macs. For me that would be sufficient.
    • LTE sounds like a decent idea but then again why must your laptop have a separate LTE modem when the vast majority of modern smartphones can act as WiFi hotspots. Also it is not up to MacOS to remember WiFi web-sign in settings this is the job of the WiFi system generally speaking.
    • Again I'm not sure what you mean. You want every piece of data available on iCloud for seamless unlimited storage, my question is, how do you wish to store this data on each device?
    • Siri does need improvement but putting microphones throughout your entire house? That's a big no no. Not only privacy concerning but also very impractical
    • This would only make sense for conference calls in which case a laptop is usually connected to a TV set.
    • Third party cameras would create driver issues for sure, or would require Apple's licensing, either way it's not going to happen. Again, it's a big privacy concern.
    • So you want iOS to be MacOS? Theres a reason why the two OS's are different.
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    Sep 23, 2005
    Have you ever worked with enterprise-level networking?
  6. Tech198, Apr 30, 2017
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    We have Touch ID on Mac,,its on the TouchBar...: https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT207054
    Do u want Apple to replace all Mac's with TouchID? .. Yes its behind, but its getting there

    Ya, we do have touch on Windows and look how dorky it looks.... People having trouble which would they would rather use a track-pad or their finger they have to shift back and fourth between the two depending on the context on screen at the time..

    I've seen people hesitate "oh ...ya i prefer use my finger because it more precise in some cases than others" and switch back to a track-pad..

    Productivity goes down. As for GPS, turn on location services....why should all of us have to suffer just because people want this.... I for one don't need my location tracked automatically..

    Before u know it the same feature sets we all want, suddenly, the same users will start saying about Apple is no longer privacy focused.

    No one even mentions a better iSight camera..... Apple updates these cameras in iPhone/iPad's all the time, but never much on the Mac...... The excuse is that people use them more in phones, but remember Apple why u put a camera in the Mac in the first place. People use Skype, so its still useful.
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    While it's true that if you only used touch in laptop mode it would be painful, that's not how people end up using it.

    Instead, it becomes a very handy alternative option to the touchpad. Sometimes it's just easier to reach up and instantly tap something, than to slide your finger multiple times on a pad trying to reach a button in another corner.

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