Witchcraft Board for IPHONE (Ouija-like board)

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    ★ Witchcraft Board gives you an elegant "Ouija Board"-like application that can be used by up to 4 persons simultaneously!

    ★ FOR IPHONE, SINCE 2008!



    . . . . . . . . .
    ★ Up to four persons can contribute to move the planchette;
    ★ Each person can use one finger to move the planchette. The planchette's final movement will be the combination of movement of all fingers;
    ★ Elegant, simple and clean design;
    ★ INTUITIVE AND EASY to use;
    ★ VERY LIGHT application (just than 541 Kbytes);
    ★ compatible with iPhone 3, 3GS and 4 (superb high-res) and iPod Touch (2nd gen) any version of iOS, from 3 to 4;

    The Witchcraft Board is an elegant approach to an Ouija-like board design. It brings the simplicity and the sophistication of an eye-catching design and redefines what you expect to see in a Ouija board application.

    Its super high-resolution quality on iPhone 4 and iPad is simply astonishing, but the regular iPhone version is as much good as possible, keeping the quality always at high levels.

    As said by Wikipedia, a talking board, generically referred as "Ouija Board" and also known as spirit board, witch board, oracle board, mystic board or channeling board, is any flat board printed with letters, numbers, and other symbols, to which a planchette or movable indicator points, answering questions from people at a séance. The fingers of the participants are placed on the planchette that is moved by the spirits about the board to spell out messages. These boards are considered to be a spiritual gateway used to contact the dead or to receive information from beyond.

    Imagine having this awesome Ouija-like board and surprising your friends. You deserve.



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    Keywords: Talking Board, Ouija Board, Spirit Board, Witch Board, Oracle Board, Mystic board and Paranormal.

    REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with iPod Touch 2ndGen, iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4.

    I have posted several promo codes for this app on the proper section of this forum.

    please don't forget to review!

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