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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by pianodude123, Aug 25, 2006.

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    This one might bring up a bit of a conflict, but they dont call me a "pessimist" for nothing. (I just think im a realist)

    So, with Apple's market share on the rise, and more and more people buying and using the mac operating system I see a takeover of windows by Mac OS X in the far future... Even in the near future, Apple's marketshare for computers will surely reach 20%. This will open up a whole new world for hackers, virus writers and SPYWARE! What I predict will happen is Apple will turn into dell. Yes, that menacing word...DELL! Brings back memories of frustrating Indian technical support, poor customer service, and basically an ordinary indifferent computer which you'll find in every household! One thing that drives apple now is that they are on the bottom. They have to fight to make a reputation for themselves. When they have the marketshare of Dell, they will no longer need to stay extremely competitive with their prices, customer support, and basically, everything else that Dell has failed with!

    While you may think that OS X is based on flawless, impeccable UNIX, no matter what you do, Virus writers are going to find a way to make our experience on the Mac just like its counterpart, Windows (Awful). You may argue that you need to enter a password to do anything on a mac, but that is irrelevant. We are talking about the IFs and the COULDs. Dont be so naive and say "Oh but apple is God, and they can do anything and stop all evil. Why, they can even end world hunger."

    Its basically a well known fact that when you start to make money, you get greedy, and you cant stop. What makes you think apple is going to keep on paying the high toll of American technical support when they already have the nuts to do whatever they want and hire inadequate Indians?

    Apple is driven by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is driven by failure. From every biography I've ever read on him and apple, this is the key point that has come out of it. Failure. Geometry lesson; transitive property: Apple is driven by failure. Now, what happens when they succeed? Pixar succeeded, right? yup, and they were bought out by Disney. So...touché with that point, however I still think the quality of apple products would significantly decrease should apple succeed.

    Comments strongly welcomed.
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    May 30, 2006
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    Apple is still years away from 20%, and 20% probably still isn't "fun" enough for hackers and virus writers.
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    Look. 100,000s of viruses for Windows. 0 for Macs. Apple has anywhere between 3-5% marketshare yet not the corresponding amount of viruses or vulnerabilities.

    As long they retain quality in their OS and strive for quality with their hardware, there's nothing to get worried about. Of course, anyone looking over Apple's history can't afford to be too smug... but I don't foresee Apple Corps shooting itself in the foot just yet.

    Why worry about things you have no control over?
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    Jul 11, 2006
    there are viruses for mac, but there are so few, you never really hear about them
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    Jul 4, 2004
    Oh really? You don't think we would have heard about them here?
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    Ssssh... you have to be very quiet. ;)
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    Good point.

    Also, no...This is not a problem with Indians, just the level of support I recieve from them for technical support et cetera.
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    I think further down the road, we'll hear more about potential vulnerabilites simply due to the fact that OS X is based on open source code. It's like Firefox, it's had a lot more vulnerabilites exposed because it's open source, everyone has access to the blueprints so to speak. The minus is that potentially someone could exploit those quicker, but the plus is that the community will respond in kind to patch it.

    Same holds true for OS X. The community will be able to patch any serious flaws if need be until an official Apple patch comes out. I believe that's happened once (maybe more times) already. Doesn't hurt to be vigilant of course, but at least Mac wise, we can relax a bit more.
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    Actually, Mac OS X's main kernel, Darwin, isn't open source anymore.

    However, there's a much higher percentage of Unix geeks (ie. coders, app developers, etc.) on the Mac than on Windows, so there is still more of a community than on Windows.

    IMHO, the worst that's gonna happen for a long time would be:
    a) A hacker announces that he found a serious flaw in Mac OS X and would send it out to all his hacker buddies in exactly two months to make viruses with.
    b) Everyone forgets about it.
    c) Apple puts out a patch after one month and 29 days.
    d) The next day, the virus comes out - but it doesn't work on updated computers.
    e) CNET talks about how Macs have viruses.

    That's probably going to be the worst to happen for a while.
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    Ill say it in one word Chinamen. You are putting your company into the hands of the Chineese, this along with increase market will lead to quality going downhill.
    On the software side if Apple was going to sell its superior OSX they would have done so. They dont want to they want to sell chineese hardware.
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    Sorry pianodude123, I really couldn't disagree with you more on just about every point.

    1. Windows will not be overtaken by Mac OS X any time soon.
    2. Marketshare isn't likely to hit anywhere near 20% any time soon.
    3. Apple is not going to become anything like Dell, in fact they're not really in competition as they're targetting different markets - namely, Dell wants to build millions of cheap/nasty PCs to sell to home users and businesses, Apple is targetting the more affluent, style conscious, creative market.
    4. Support can be a pain if you're speaking to people who have a much different accent or poor english, unfortunately this seems to be common everywhere, although Apple closed an Indian call centre recently almost as soon as it opened, so they're maybe not happy with the situation either.
    5. Mac OS X is based on Unix, and is inherently more secure than Windows. It's not just Mac OS X, there's all the alternative operating systems such as Linux too. Are we going to see Linux reduced to the security bug-ridden mess Windows is? Hardly.
    6. Apple's just posted successful result after successful result and we've just seen a seemingly smooth transition to Intel (which I thought Apple would have serious issues over), I think Apple can deal with success. I certainly don't see them taking a nose dive any time soon.

    Sorry m8, I think you're wrong.

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