With the limits of console, what's the best option?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by joeysarks, Oct 3, 2012.

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    Few questions regarding working with video game recordings from console.

    1. Since the Xbox outputs at 29.97 instead of 30fps, and I have to record at 720p59.94 from the Blackmagic, should I make the project in FCPX 29.97, or leave it at 59.94? Should I export at 59.94, 29.97, or 30 fps? Since YouTube rounds to 30fps anyways, does that make a difference in how I should be exporting?

    2. Since Xbox runs at 720p29.97fps at the MOST right now, what level of Apple ProRes would be best for editing? I've tried recording in all codecs and I personally don't see a difference, even at uncompressed. Would a higher ProRes just provide slightly more headroom for a clearer upload to YouTube at best? The next Xbox generation next year may change this, but is there a point in going beyond LT right now?

    3. I completely forgot but if I remember i'll post it.

    TY in advance, this forum is extremely nice and helpful:)
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    Different games can have different frame rates (some capped at 30p, some capped at 60p) so I would capture, edit, and export at 59.94. YT might just be 30p now but if they, or someone else, goes 60p in the future you won't have to re-export your videos.

    For footage like this that will receive minimal post processing (I assume you don't plan on doing heavy color grading or compositing with it) ProRes LT is fine though if you have the disk space there's no reason not to use regular ProRes.
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    I do a lot of color efx actually, usually indie red or teal and orange on every clip, or something else. I add a bunch I'm kind of an efx obsessed editor, takes a lot out of my laptop:(
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    Just go with standard ProRes...allot of people say ProRes LT is fine but if you have the disk space do it. 422 HQ or 4444 are WAYYY overkill though. I'd stay at 720p59.94....nice frame rate and even though YouTube goes to 30p even you never know when they might change it and I believe you will still see a better result regardless with less motion blur. General views on frame rates:

    60p: Football and video games
    48p: What Peter Jackson and James Camerons dreams for the future are (don't worry about this one)
    30p: Web, soap operas, dramas
    24p: Film, primetime TV
    18p: Charlie Chaplin (aka don't use! haha)

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