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May 14, 2021
there is a camera bump…. Why not a speed bump?…..
the ipad pro is able to run the m1 chip, but the m1 pro/max will run much hotter due to more cores. with CPU at ~70% increase and GPU at 3-4x increase, the thin design of the ipad will not physically allow it to run the faster chips. as a matter of fact, the ipad pro isn't even able to run the m1 at it's full potential. perhaps if the m2 chip uses smaller nm process, with maybe 25% increase in performance over the m1, the ipad can run that.


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Mar 21, 2003
Redwood City, CA
I was SO READY to pounce on the “new Mac mini”. I use external monitors so a laptop would just stay closed on a stand so a new MBP is a bit of a waste for me. So. Bummed. sadfrownyfacebawlingeyesout…
Apple knows this. Their margin on MBP is probably higher than Mac Mini and they probably don't want the work-from-home crowd's growing interest in Mac Minis cannibalizing what would have otherwise been MBP purchases :(
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