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Apr 12, 2001

Withings today announced the Pulse HR, the first all-new addition to its health and fitness tracker range since the French company relaunched two months ago.

Reviving the classic design of Withings Pulse - the first tracker Withings ever launched in 2013 - Pulse HR matches an OLED display in stainless steel casing with a silicone wristband that comes in several optional colors.


Under the Pulse HR is a PPG heart rate sensor capable of measuring pulse at 10-minute intervals and continuous heart rate measurements during workout sessions, which include a full breakdown of HR zones synced to the Health Mate app.

By raising their wrist or using the tracker's button, users can scroll through time/date, heart rate, calories burned, activity goal progress, real-time workout information, and smartphone notifications.

Like the Withings Steel HR smartwatch, Pulse HR includes multi-sport tracking for over 30 different activities from yoga, volleyball, and rowing to boxing, skiing and ice hockey. It also offers GPS-connected automatic activity recognition for over 10 activities including walking, running and swimming, and is water resistant up to 50 meters.

The 20-day battery life enables full sleep tracking, including a Smart Wake-up feature that can wake users with vibration alarms at the most optimal times during their sleep cycle.


Pulse HR begins pre-orders today and will ship in time for the holidays on December 5, priced $129.95. Additional information is available on the Withings website, where customers can browse its full range of fitness trackers and other connected products like scales, blood pressure monitors, smart thermometers, sleep trackers, and more.

Article Link: Withings Announces 'Pulse HR' Fitness Tracker With 20-Day Battery Life


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Jul 12, 2008
why? Buy a Mi Band 3 for £20 that does all this (except GPS). I think Withings are still acting like there is no apple watch.


Jul 12, 2016
I'm really glad to see that Withings is back to releasing new products that cater to their strength (and everyone else's weekness): ridiculously long battery life

The trade off being for the ‘Ridiculous long battery life’ is great, even though limited with capabilities, but even with other smart watches today, like the Apple Watch for example, charging the watch couldn’t be any easier with the inductive charging, which is no different than charging your iPhone on a nightly basis. Most likely don’t need 20 days if battery life, when I would rather have the visual experience of more information displayed on the Apple Watch. That’s not to say the Pusle HR is not a good product, it’s just a very much different experience with more limitations.


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Jul 12, 2008
Withings is quite far below Apple Watch price point.
And way above something like a Mi Band 3.
Withings and Apple Watch are even in the same category.

One is just a smart watch that can track fitness. The other is a fitness tracker.
It's relevant because people are moving from fitness trackers to smart watches. Look at the Apple Watch sales, look at Fitbit's focus on smartwatches compared to trackers.

Withings are stuck in 2010. People moan about Fitbit releasing new trackers and Withings revise their tracker 5 years later. With all the name changes, why on earth would anyone buy anything from Withings when you have Mi Bands for £20 (tracker) and Apple Watch for the higher end. Both great products at their own price points.


Oct 5, 2014
This sounds good at first, but the question everybody is asking is: does it have CLEAN ram. Everybody loves CLEAN ram. We need CLEAN ram


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Oct 20, 2016
I use one of their WiFi connected scale and it pulls data from the health app that is recorded by my Apple Watch. I personally don’t have a need for this product but I’m sure it will appeal to someone


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Feb 27, 2006
Maybe it's just me, but that thing looks rather uncomfortable.

The Apple Watch fits so well, sometimes I forget I'm wearing it.


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Nov 16, 2017
While I see the upside to long battery life I feel like it would be more common for me to have something like that die. With the Apple Watch it has become routine to just put it on the charger before bed. With this one figuring out when to charge it would be more "confusing".


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Nov 14, 2018
Moray, United Kingdom
No other company (that I know of) comes close to matching all these in one device:
  1. Amazing battery life (awesome to not have to worry about it) - notifies well before it dies, and even once 'dead' you can still use it for ages for basic watch-only features. I've never had it die on me yet, though.
  2. Full Apple Health support (Fitbit still refuses, AFAIK)
  3. Looks good
  4. Well built
  5. Impressive support
That's all with the Steel HR which is getting better and better as Withings continue to roll out feature improvements long after purchase. If that device is anything to go by (Pulse HR certainly looks like a repackaged version of it), then it'll be a great device that'll fill a sizeable gap in the market.


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Aug 13, 2002
Curious if anybody has this and how it integrates with their iPhone. This black Friday it might be possible to get an S3 Apple Watch for like $200 at Target, and I think I have to make a decision between that and the Withings. I HATE having to worry about battery life for a watch.


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Jul 1, 2008
Bostonian exiled in SoCal
I use one of their WiFi connected scale and it pulls data from the health app that is recorded by my Apple Watch. I personally don’t have a need for this product but I’m sure it will appeal to someone
I love their WiFi body composition scale and blood pressure cuff, both of which add data directly to my iPhone, but at that price point, the HR is too expensive to do so little. For me, at least.


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Jul 1, 2008
Bostonian exiled in SoCal
Just curious, when do most Apple watch owners charge their device – overnight? Or at their desk while working? How long does it take?
I charge mine for any 60-90 minutes I have when I think I’ll be stationery. I wear it to sleep and shower*, so I plan accordingly. It takes a bit over an hour, if it’s charging from <10%.

*Most don’t wear it in the shower, as Apple doesn’t recommend exposing it to soap.
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