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    Jan 24, 2007
    Hello all. Just a quick question. I am using iTunes to convert 192 WMA files to AAC. Here's what I don't know. Should I encode the AAC files as 192 or should I go down to 160? From what I understand in any conversion like this there will be some quality degradation. Would it be so minimal that the 192 AAC file would have better quality than the 160 AAC file, or would they be about the same quality? If they are going to be about the same, I am thinking of going with 160 as to save some disk space.

    Also, what about ones I've already converted to 192 AAC? Would I really lose THAT much quality if I just use iTunes to convert the already-converted 192s into 160s? Or should I go back to my original WMAs that I have backed up and convert to 160 from them? This question depends on the answer to the first. Thanks in advance.
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    Nov 3, 2005
    You shouldn't do it, they'll sound like crap pretty much whatever you do. Of course the better quality AAC, might make them sound OK.
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    Don't convert from one lossy format to another. The difference probably wouldn't be that big between a 192 and a 160 both ripped from the original source, but converting from 192 to 160 probably will be pretty noticeable.

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