Wonder if I should do this boot camp thing

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    Hi, I am so undecided about installing the boot camp. It asks to set a back up disk before installing "how do I do that?" I am not all that familiar with computer software so don't be too harsh with your answers. If I do download into my mac book, os x, leopard, 10.5.4, will it ruin my laptop? I use my laptop for online classes so I dont really want to mess up my laptop. The reason for my decision is that I cant email and receive important documents without having to transfer and do all kinds of other stuff to get the document without being corrupted and when I send they receive it corrupted. So when I do or might do a download of this boot camp do I still have to purchase the word processor?
    If I do this boot camp do I have to purchase anything else for it? and How much would it all cost?
    j7 , someone please help, I would go to the geek squad but I live 200 miles away from them. Thanks
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    Welcome to MR's

    The best way of backing up is to buy an external and enable time machine this is an application that can be found in your applications folder and allows auto backups

    Bootcamp comes with leopard and this enables you to partition your hard to be able to install windows,the only thing you need is a legal copy of windows XP or Vista,once you have this open up bootcamp print out & follow the instructions threw its a pretty simple process and as long as you follow the instructions

    I dunno what's up with your mail app if the files you send are corrupted but someone else might , i also don't know of any free windows word processors,but again someone else might

    Their are programs that let you run OS X & Windows side by side without having to reboot ( bootcamp ) but i don't think your ready for them, no offence intended

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