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    DreamSpace is a non-linear, interactive visual experience.The user enters one or more words that define the subject of a dream he would like to dream.The system looks in the Web for images related to those words, and takes them as input to generate an ambiguous painting, in perpetual change, where elements fuse into one another, in a process analogous to memory and free association.

    Who is dreaming? The user, or the system itself? In a certain way, both. The program generates a personal moving picture, unique, unpredictable, and forever gone when it is finished, just like dreams.But that dream is made out of pieces taken form the subconscious of the whole net, gathered by some words of the user and the obscure logic of searching algorithms

    The subject of this work is, many times, multiplicity.That of the particles in endless movement, that of the vast contents of the Internet, that of the users and the dreams they wish to dream.

    All this multiplicities get together on the verge of chaos, on a process that mixes randomness and strict but complex logics, very much alike the processes that take place in our headsEven when we rest
    - Can help you find your dream
    - To understand the dreams of the perfect fusion of music
    - Everything is a dream then, enigmatic changes
    - You can enter any word or phrase you dream
    - You will be able to appreciate the visual arts on the dream
    - Each dream is a dynamic rendering surrealism painting
    - There is a totem in a dream will take you into the dream
    - Dream, you are the only unique
    - When your fingers touch the screen, you can try to change the dream

    DreamSpace url: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id401599183?mt=8#

    DreamSpace imitation to dreamlines, DreamSpace based on the dreamlines great change and innovation

    2006: IBM Media Art Award at 19 Stuttgarter Filwinter, Stuttgart, Germany
    2005: finalist at Internationaler Medien Kunst Preis, organized by the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, Germany
    2007: File 2007, Sao Paulo, Brazil
    2007: ArteBA 2007, Buenos Aires, Argentina
    2006: Norwich International Animation Festival, Norwich, England
    2006: Manifesto GenArt, Prague, Czech Republic
    2006: Impakt Festival, Utrecht, The Netherlands
    2006: OFFF International Festival, Barcelona, Spain
    2006: showcased in the Exhibition at processing.org
    2006: Transmediale 06, Berlin, Germany
    2005: Encuentro Iberoamericano de nuevas tendencias en Arte y Teconlogía, Barcelona, Spain
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    A magic iphone application,thanks your demo!I think this software's volume is too large!

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