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    my macbook pro will not charge or turn on with the few month old battery or the old one. i took it to an authorized mac repair store here and they said it had a few things wrong with it. i cant seem to find the work order. I believe it was for the left i/o magsafe piece and an inverter. he also said i need a new lcd, but it worked before the magsafe went out. i think i'm going to order the stuff from ifixit. my question is; can i try just the left i/o and inverter and hope it works, and if the screen doesn't come on can i just hook it to my tv? also, the model # is worn off. it's 2.33, 2gb ram, 15" from about 2006. is that the a1211? my other question is; can i take the parts out of a similar macbook pro from the same time frame? also, will the logic board transfer from macbook pro to macbook pro? they told my buddy no. thanks for the help. i did try to search before posting.
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    In trouble shooting multiple issues that can mask each other like these, I highly suggest taking them one at a time.

    first, you want to get the system where the battery will charge, and at least to the point that the system will turn on when ac power is connected.

    If you get there, and still have no video output, then you can take a very bright flashlight and see if you see the image on the screen with that. if so, then the inverter is most likely the problem, though it could be that the neon backlight has gone bad. Together you are looking at only $20 or so, but a lot of tedious work to replace them.

    If you don't see an image, then you'll want to connect to an external monitor and see if you get video, this will help rule out whether the video card itself is out.

    If you get video on an external, with no image using the flashlight, then you most likely need a new LCD panel.

    You can follow iFixit's instructions for that general time frame and get to the point that you can see the back of the panel and use their picutres of different models to figure out which model your's is. Then you can order a new panel.

    Hope this helps,


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