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  1. shaunymac macrumors 6502

    Feb 5, 2008
    Well, this is a post on my sister's behalf. It seem as if all of my mac stuff alaways works and everything I buy/give to people as gifts always fails. :(:confused:

    So, she has a 1G/edge iPhone 8gig that is expierencing some issues. It will not recognize in itunes/finder/etc. The home button is also not working, so when you get deep within a menu or in to text messaging for example, you have to hit the sleep/wake button up top and shut the phone off and turn it back on. The bad thing is she doesn't have applecare on this. Also, when you turn it on, you get the "this device is not designed...diaglouge."

    She has taken it to the apple store and they just told her, "no, we can't fix it."

    So, if you have any suggestions, please offer them up. Thanks a bunch guys. I really dont feal like taking another one of these apart right this second, esp. if it is unfixable.
  2. leeburnett87 macrumors newbie

    Jan 18, 2009
    You could always try a restore. It could help if it's a software issue. But if it's hardware, you'll have to take it apart or get a new one. I had to take mine to the apple store, and trade it in for a refurbished one. Cost me $199, but the new phone was in perfect condiion.
  3. shaunymac thread starter macrumors 6502

    Feb 5, 2008
    I can't restore it because it won't show up in iTunes.

    There is something wrong with either the plug or whatever controls the plug and the home button.
  4. DPA macrumors 65816


    Power it off and hold the home button while you connect to iTunes via a USB cord. Make sure iTunes is open while you do this.

  5. shaunymac thread starter macrumors 6502

    Feb 5, 2008
    No luck.

    Im not sure if there is even a reason to take it apart. From what I remeber when taking mine apart, the dock connector is part of the logic board.

    I think she is pretty much up the creek with out a paddle on this one. :(

    It will make a good parts phone for someone. It has been in a case its whole life with a screen protector to go with it.
  6. shaunymac thread starter macrumors 6502

    Feb 5, 2008
    Just a little update. My sister bit the bullet and went ahead and bought a new 3G. Just yesterday she bought a new macbook, which if any of you guys haven't had a chance to really use one they are actually quite nice and it makes my MBP look like a plain jane. Sorry, I'll get back on topic. Sometimes I get carried away when I talk about mac stuff.

    So, I have been helping here getting everything off of her pc and just getting setup on her mac. I gave her a few thing and she gave me her the broken iPhone since she hasn't done anything with it. :eek::D

    I would really like to fix it before I sell it but it just doesn't seem like it is meant to happen. I read some more things today and came home and let it charge since the battery had run dead. Remember, the home button doesn't work. As soon as I take it over to the mac I get "USB over current notice. The hub attached will be deactivated."

    I think I'm just going to put this on craigslist/ebay. I wish I could just put it no the marketplace but ever since the site changed, I can't get in there anymore. How long does it take to buy/sell there?
  7. kathmandude macrumors newbie

    May 22, 2009
    iPhone home button stopped working, but now it is working!!!

    Hey, thought I'd share this, cuz when my iPhone home button stopped working & I took it to a mac "genius" he said "i'm sorry, but u'r moisture damage sticker is triggered" warranty void or some thing like that, & then he proceeded to hit on me saying oh u must work out a lot, as in flirt with me & I'll exchange u'r iPhone. *******.

    Then I did a whole research and came up with nothing except one suggestion: spraying it with rust killing stuff. So I went and bought a $2 WD40 from my local chinese $2 shop here in Sydney, sprayed it where the white thig plugs in, nothing changed. Sprayed it again next day cuz I had plenty left and I had nothing to lose, nothing changed. So I said @#$k it, & tried to jailbreak cuz they have this sbsetting that can bypass this defect of the iPhone home button not working by makign everything possible by touch. But to jailbreak, the home button has to work to put iPhone in DFU mode, whatta oxymoron! So I upgraded it to legal 2.2.1 firmware hoping it'd fix it, but no.

    But 2 days later, I tried winpwn 2.2.5 again, and again, and again...& walla! my freaking phone went into DFU mode, and it jailbreaked. Even more surprising is, the next day my home button started to work better, and the next day, it was completely back to normal!!!

    So the only thing I can think of is, the WD40 spray ate the rust, but it took like 3-4 days to do it. So, if you have given up & nothing to lose, try it (or some anti rust stuff I guess). So thanks to that soul who posted the suggestion & i was crazy enuff to try it, sorry can't remember who, cuz I read like literally 4000 post and tried EVERYTHING including dfu-util hacks, thanks God I didn't fry my phone.

    Oh, BTW, I never had any water in the iPhone, and I don't work out or do streneous exercise ever, I'm a computer geek. I do have a problem of sweaty palm but... but that never triggered any waterdamage stickers in my other phones. But I am in love with the iPhone, and when you're in love, you take ANY kind of abuse from your lover...same here. Apple, please show some compassion...we're feeling like a beaten wife syndrome. And if there's ever a class action, count me in, and the other 3000 posts I read over the last weekend trying to figure out how to make the home button work. Oh, btw, this problem started when one day the month old iPhone ran outta battery, and after recharge, the wifi stopped working & the home button started to act up. Update to the latest frimware 2.2.1 fixed the wifi but the home button just went down the drain. I just spent my month's salary on the iPhone, hell I've lost so much weight from not being able to afford anything except ramen noodles!

    btw, Why can't apple write something like sbsetting apps that work on jailbreaked iPhone and let people download it legit from appstore?? Why is apple playing catch up? After all ****** programs like Jaddu is charging $35!

    Steve Jobs, where's the love huh?! Where's the compassion?! I wish you well though buddy ;-) at least, you gave us the magic wand. That'll be your legacy...

    Hope my rant helped someone, I feel much better now :)

    Hugs & kisses...hugs & kisses!!!


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