Word 2008 crashes when inserting comments - Please Help!

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    When I'm grading students' papers, I insert comments to leave constructive feedback. However, after I grade an x amount of papers, Word 2008 crashes and I lose some of the comments in the open document. It's impossible to predict when Word will crash - sometimes it's after 2 papers, other times it's after 10. I changed the settings so Word saves the document every minute, but I inevitably lose some of my comments. This only seems to occur when I'm grading papers. Sometime it crashes when I try to insert a comment, sometimes it crashes when I try to save the document, and sometimes it crashes for no apparent reason (as I'm reading the essay).

    I have no idea what's causing Word to crash. This is extremely frustrating and time consuming, so I would appreciate any/all feedback.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. cricketbird macrumors member

    Feb 17, 2008
    The obvious - have you checked for updates to Office? There have been a few stability updates since it was released. in Word, Help > Check for Updates

    Some other common fixes:
    Delete the normal template. Word will automatically rebuild it.
    Delete .plist files for word

    When I use MacSpeech Dictate + Word, I get lots of Word crashes. Try not using other software at the same time and see if things improve.

    Create a new user account. Log in and do your editing there.
    If you have the same problems, it's a problem with your Office install. Try un-installing and re-installing Office.

    If the problems go away on the new account, it's probably something going on with your local account. Try deleting preferences and such.
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    Solution that worked for me

    Try to turn off spell checking and grammar checking under Word - Alternative
    For me it was the solution.


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