Word 2008 quits when opening Notebook Layout View

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Please Help!

    I am using Microsoft Word 2008 version 12.2.0 (last updated 12.2.1) and every time I try to switch to Notebook Layout View it just quits and tells me "Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to quit." I really need to fix this to use for note-taking. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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    Oct 9, 2009
    same problem

    I having the same issue and am also looking for help. Looks like this may require a call to tech support...
  3. hpaddict731 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Sep 28, 2009
    I was actually able to fix the problem. I emailed Microsoft and told them my problem and this is what they told me to do:

    "First we will try removing the Word preferences, these will be rebuilt upon relaunch of Word: (NOTE: removing the Preferences will delete any customized toolbars that you may have setup in Word)

    1. Open the MacIntosh Harddrive/Users Folder/Home Users folder/Library folder/Preferences folder.

    2. In Preferences, locate the following file - com.microsoft.Word.plist and move it to the Trash

    3. Also in Preferences, locate the blue Microsoft Folder, and move the Office 2008 folder to the Trash.

    4. Restart Word, and if you are still getting the same error, continue with the steps below:

    B. To Remove the Normal file:

    1. Open the MacIntosh HardDrive/Users Folder/Home Users Folder/Library Folder/Application Support

    2. In Application Support, locate the Microsoft Folder

    3. Open the Office folder

    4. Under User Templates, drag the 'Normal.dotm' file to the Trash.

    5. Restart Word. If this did not resolve the issue, continue with the following steps:

    C. Remove Items from the Users Login Items folder:

    1. Click on the Apple in the upper left hand corner

    2. Choose System Preferences

    3. Under 'System', double click on Accounts

    4. Click once on your Account to highlight it and then click on Login Items.

    5. Highlight any items here, click on the minus sign below to delete them from the Login Items folder.

    6. Restart the Mac, open Word. Continue with next steps, if necessary.

    If none of the above steps have resolved this issue, the next step would be to fully remove and reinstall Microsoft Office 2008. Some of the files may have become corrupt during the upgrade to Snow Leopard. I will include the steps below for this, should you need them:

    To Remove Office 2008 and all Preference Files:

    1. To Uninstall, follow the steps below:

    - Open the Microsoft Office 2008 folder in your Applications folder.

    - Open the Additions Tools Folder

    - Double click on the Remove Office folder.

    - Double click on the Remove Office file.

    - Click on Continue, and follow the steps to uninstall.

    - When finished, empty Trash.

    2. Next, open the MacIntosh HardDrive/Users folder/Home Users Folder/Library folder and click on the Preferences Folder.

    - In the Preferences folder:

    - Scroll down until you come to the preference files that start with com.microsoft and move all these files to the Trash.

    - Next, locate the blue 'Microsoft' folder, In the Microsoft folder, locate the Office 2008 folder and move it to the Trash.

    3. Open the MacIntosh Harddrive/Users/HomeUsers/Library/Applications Support

    - In the Application Support folder, drag the Microsoft Folder to the Trash

    4. Open the MacIntosh Harddrive/Library/Receipts folder

    - Scroll down until you come to the 'Office 2008.... ' files

    - Highlight all these and drag to the Trash (You can highlight all by clicking on the first one, hold down the Shift key, scroll to the last Office 2008 file, click on it, it should highlight all)

    5. Next, in the MacIntosh Harddrive/Library/Application Support

    - Locate the Microsoft folder and move it to the Trash.

    - Empty Trash

    6. To Install, insert the Office 2008 CD, click on the Installer and complete the onscreen instructions to install.

    NOTE: Before installing, please disconnect from your Network or Wireless. This is very important, as the installation may pick up a Product ID from another computer on your Network or Wireless.

    - When the installation is completed, you should be prompted to Check for Updates. You should be able to now install all updates."

    *I only had to follow the first step and now my Notebook Layout View is working great!* :)

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