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  1. HuskyDomains macrumors newbie

    May 22, 2004
    I'm having an issue in Word 2008..

    I attached a picture so you guys could take a look. I understand there has been some trouble with spacing after Paragraphs etc, but I have my Before/After paragraph spacing @ 0... It's almost as if my double spacing is 2.5x

    My standard double spacing for COURIER NEW Sz 12 (The default font) is much larger then that of my class mates. Even some of them using Word 2008 don't have this problem. This isn't spacing post paragraph but rather between lines.

    How can I get my spacing back to normal?? I know I could use the EXACTLY feature, but when my professor checks it, she is going to want to see that it is standard double spacing.

    I didn't mess with the styles or anything. Why would my Word 2008 be doing this?

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  2. nadyne macrumors 6502a

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    Can you post a screenshot of your paragraph settings? In Word, go to the Format menu, then select Paragraph.


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