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    Aug 15, 2013
    Hi there, today I finished working on a university bio report due in, I had saved as when I first started working on it and my word auto saves every few minutes.

    I saved the doc again and exited to attach to an email for printing and from there it has disappeared. It's not in recent documents, doesn't appear when I search for it or anything like that. I found my microsoft user data file, and there I can see "Office 2011 AutoRecovery" under the date modified it has 3.29pm today, which is round about the time I was using word today. However when I open this folder the most recent document is 3 months ago..Clearly there's some recognition of a file somewhere, which is positive (I think?)

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to access this file?
    Any suggestions at all would be much appreciated.

    E.T.A - Or if anyone knows that this means it's gone for good, please let me know. That way I'm able to cut my losses and minimise as much as possible of my grade lost to missing the deadline.

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